Fashion Forecast: Introducing the ‘Global Traveller’…

Fashion Forecast: Introducing the ‘Global Traveller’…


The forecast’s predicting an Indian summer, and we’re not talking about the weather. As the temperature drops, and we shake off the sun-drenched shades of August, it’s time to look further afield for new season style cues. Designers have taken inspo from the far reaches of the world to bring together AW16’s definitive look, and it’s safe to say it’s got the fash-pack hot under the collar. Traditional shapes, saturated tones and a rich medley of pattern and print; the Global Traveller has arrived.


girl wearing nobody's child global traveller animal shift dressAnimal Print Slip Dress – £28


Transitioning from one season to the next can be difficult at the best of times, but while the spring/summer swap-over’s met with whoops of delight – as frumpy jumpers make way for sun-loving crop tops – the prospect of returning said styles to the back of the wardrobe is a little less appealing. So it should come as a relief that the Global Traveller movement isn’t so much a total submission to the colder months ahead, but rather a gentle shift. Bardot tops and slip dresses are holding on to pole position, but in place of pastel palettes, think warm earthy tones, such as bronzed browns, olive greens and burnt oranges, as you might find in traditional nomad arrangements.


girl wearing nobody's child global traveller tribal jumpsuitTribal Print Jumpsuit – £25


Large-scale florals overlay geometric patterns, while tribal prints are streaked in neon. This magpie mentality alludes to a sense of exploration, whereby textile traditions have effectively been cherry-picked, with a bit taken from here, and a bit taken from there, to form one overall super-trend. And the result makes perfect sense for autumn; when sun-kissed skin talks of holidays abroad come that return to reality in September, why shouldn’t your get-up follow suit and hint at foreign adventure, too? But it’s not only those behind-the-scenes who are having fun with trend-mixing this season. Trailblazers are resorting to a more-is-more approach, and fashion enthusiasts will want to take note!


girl wearing nobody's child global traveller geo bardot topGeo Bardot Top – £18


Pattern-blocking does away with the minimalistic mind-set of previous movements, such as the Scandinavian-derived ‘normcore’, and gives fashionistas free reign to raid the rail as if it were a kid’s dressing-up box. Geo kimono over a tribal jumpsuit? Camo bomber over an animal print slip dress? You get the idea… While the fashion police turn a blind eye, make the most of this opportunity to go wild with your wardrobe.


girl wearing nobody's child global traveller geo kimonoGeo Kimono- £22


Are you ready to pile on the print, and become….a global traveller? If so, check out our capsule collection over on the main site, complete with fringed waistcoats, embroidered tassel tops and Aztec midi skirts.


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