7 Easy Style Switch-Ups in Prep for Summer

7 Easy Style Switch-Ups in Prep for Summer


Two words; ‘trans’ and ‘seasonal’. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going from autumn to winter, or spring to summer, there’s a hazy period in-between which is just hell on the wardrobe. Take now for instance; do you leave the house in a jacket, on the off-chance it might rain, but knowing full-well you’re gonna’ bake on the tube? Or do you leave it at home, and risk a wet, cold and dam-right miserable walk home? And when exactly is it socially acceptable to start wearing sandals to the office? Now? Next week? Sometime in June?!


Unfortunately there’s no clear-cut date, but with the following switch-ups we hope to make that trans-seasonal style-shift as easy as possible.


1. Swap the beanie for a cap


Bad hair day? The beanie’s an absolute lifesaver, but with summer clocking in, its days are seriously number. Enter: the baseball cap. Not only a do-it-all style saviour, but the perfect way to add a street-wise edge to your threads. Originally borrowed-from-the-boys, this seasons adds an all-femme twist to the trend in the form of sugary-sweet pastel palettes and soft-suede textures.


girl wearing nobody's child pastel cap for trans-seasonal summer style switchIridescent Baseball Cap – £12


2. Swap the denim for a dress


Yes, it’ll be painful, but the time to ditch denim is almost at hand. But before you go reaching for that floor-flowing maxi, why not ease into the style with a slightly more relaxed t-shirt dress. Crafted from a thicker fabric than norm, with cropped sleeves and a crew neck, team the hybrid design with sneaks for anytime-cool.


girl wearing nobody's child t-shirt dress for trans-seasonal summer style switchPink Stripe T-Shirt Dress – £22


3. Swap the tights for fishnet


Legs so white they’re practically glow-in-the-dark? Yeah, join the club. But the tights have gotta’ go, I’m afraid. Try and get a little sun on them one Sunday, and from there-on-out, it’s all about the fishnet. Providing an insta-worthy touch of texture, just remember to slip them off before your next tanning sesh!


girl wearing nobody's child fishnet tights for trans-seasonal summer style switchBlack Fishnet Tights – £6


4. Swap the umbrella for sunglasses


OK, it’s an obvious one, but nothing says summer like a pair of sunglasses. You can literally slide them on with anything, be it shorts and a crop top or a full-on suit, and hey presto – you look ready for the beach. As for the styles of the moment, it’s all about the oversized look. Retro-enthusiasts will want to spy out fifty-inspired cat-eye frames, while aviators are once again the faves among the fash-pack.


girl wearing nobody's child aviator sunglasses for trans-seasonal summer style switchTortoise Aviator Sunglasses – £12


5. Swap the jacket for a sweatshirt


The main problem with a jacket? More often than not, it’s too bulky to fit in the tote. So as soon as the sun shows up (i.e. the exact minute it’s too late to turn back to the house) you’re forced to carry it like an unruly child for the rest of the day. A jumper, on the other hand, not only rolls up to a snug little ball, but ties around the waist like a dream. Make the swap!


girl wearing nobody's child slogan sweatshirt for trans-seasonal summer style switchLilac Oversized Slogan Sweatshirt – £22


6. Swap the shoulder bag for a backpack


Whether you’re roadtrippin’ to the coast, or hitting a city park, drop the bulky bag for a cute lil’ backpack this season. Not only does it shout summer adventure, but with velvet, leather and holographic PU all on the style slate, it’s the ultimate snap-worthy solution to your storage needs. OOTD? It’s in the bag.


girl wearing nobody's child velvet backpack for trans-seasonal summer style switchBlack Velvet Quilted Rucksack – £20


7. Swap the blouse for a bardot


Give tan-lines the slip this summer with a dare-to-bear bardot. Sitting off-the-shoulder, the sun-lovin’ style’s the perfect way to keep your cool in the heat – especially with this season’s new cropped cut – and works just as well with shorts or a skirt, as it does with jeans… if you can’t bring yourself to shake the denim off just yet.

girl wearing nobody's child bardot top for trans-seasonal summer style switchFlute Sleeve Stripe Bardot Top – £16


What trans-seasonal style switch-ups are you making? Drop us a line in the comment section below before heading on over to New In. From tie-front tops to open-back dresses, summer’s there for the taking!


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