Disco-Punk; The Original Style Icons

Disco-Punk; The Original Style Icons


From the mid-seventies through to early-eighties, there was a pretty good chance you were either out on the streets, raising punk-fuelled ‘anarchy’, or boogieing down on the dancefloor at the local disco. One favoured gig-beaten boots, stud-embellished jackets and drainpipe jeans that looked as if they’d been sewn by Edward Scissorhands. The other, sky-high heels, shoulder-duster earrings and super floaty satin blouses… with a magpie attraction for all things glitter!

Goes without saying, but the two did not mesh, at all.


until now! AW16 has demanded a truce, and Disco-Punk is the unlikely love-child. Blurring the two styles together, think metallic slip dresses, velvet skater skirts and mesh-panelled choker tops (move over, Hovis – there’s a new ‘Best of Both’ in town!) And so, to mark the occasion, today we’re celebrating the time-honoured icons of each. It’s thanks to these maverick muses that both Disco and Punk are as relevant as ever, forty years on!


Deborah Harry


Platinum bob, kohl-smeared eyes, and her infamous killer red lips, Deborah Harry is just about as iconic as it gets. A Marilyn Monroe for the punk-era, she was the front-women of new-wave band, Blondie; so-called in retaliation for the chauvinistic way men would refer to her. She was a regular at Studio 54 – the place-to-be for those in-the-know – and graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine on multiple occasions.


Interesting fact – Following a hiatus from music, Deborah Harry returned in 1999 with ‘Maria’ (…you’ve gottta see her!), and not only stormed straight to number one, but became the oldest female singer ever to do so. Rebel. With a cause.


disco punk fashion and style icon deborah harry wearing slogan tee


Get the look – A true chameleon of style, she constantly blurred the (parallel) lines between disco and punk. Start with our pink Glitter Bodycon Dress – so far, so femme – and throw our Girl Gang Sogan Tee over-top for instant edge.


Bianca Jagger


Ex-wife of a certain Rolling Stone, Bianca Jagger is not only hands-down recognised as the it-girl of the era, but achieved eternal fame when she rode a white horse into the Studio 54 nightclub. From silky satin jumpsuits to floor-length sequin dresses, her look was polished to perfection and epitomised the glossy glamour of disco.


Interesting fact – After six months of dating, Mick Jagger proposed to Bianca, and a mere twenty-four hours later, they were married. Despite divorcing in 1979, she remains to this day, his only wife.


disco punk fashion and style icon bianca jagger wearing jumpsuit


Get the look – Taking its cues from the seventies, our black Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit skims close to the body before falling to a pair of strut-swinging wide leg trousers below. Bianca Jagger would have fallen head over platform heels for it.


Siouxsie Sioux


Another lead vocalist, Siouxsie Sioux fronted punk band, Siouxsie & the Banshees. Known for her schlock of black hair, fondness of fishnet, and striking artistry when it came to makeup, her look was as unconventional, undefinable and unpredictable as her persona.


Interesting fact – Often credited for the Sex Pistols’ fame, in 1976 she teased TV presenter Bill Grundy, causing him to naively suggest they meet after the show. Sex Pistol’s drummer, Steve Jones, stepped in with a series of expletives, never before heard on early-evening television, and overnight, the band became a household name.


disco punk fashion and style icon siouxsie siouxsie wearing velvet mesh top


Get the look – Our Velvet & Mesh Choker Top has Siouxsie written all over it. Slip it on with your most distressed jeans, throw leather-over-shoulder, and take a slightly more liberated approach with the eyeliner.


Punk or disco? Disco or punk? Lucky-for-you, you no longer need to decide. Shop our Disco-Punk style mash-up here, and once you’ve selected your party-ready style of choice, head on over to our ‘day-to-play’ styling guide for the perfect around-the-clock wardrobe workaround.


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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