Go from day-to-play with these NC crew-approved tips…

Go from day-to-play with these NC crew-approved tips…


The streets are decked in lights, your calendar’s filling up, and the great battle for Christmas-ad supremacy has commenced (go #TeamBuster). IOW, party season is OFFICIALLY upon us. But whether you’re camp FOMO or FOGO, there’s only so many times you can turn down those post-work drinks, no matter how early you start the fake cough. So, to save you from storing an entire change-of-outfit under-desk – just on the off-chance Janet from accounts says the dreaded words… ‘fancy a quick drink’ – we asked the NC office for their top day-to-night, AM-to-PM, desk-to-dusk, ‘lunch hour’-to-‘happy hour’ styling tips.


1. Lily from production – Wear a style that can be dressed up or down


First things first – the outfit. One of those deceivingly comfortable styles, a silver slip dress is not only party-perfect and totally on-trend RN, but will see you around the clock, no problemo.

Throw a crop knit jumper over-top by day, for a totes-work-appropes option, and slip it off in favour of your fave leather jacket come evening.


girl styling from day to night with boots and a leather jacket


2. Seema from social – Opt for a neutral colour palette.


Black, white, beige or grey… these neutral shades provide the ultimate canvas when it comes to styling up or down (not to mention, seem intrinsically linked with that secret formula for insta-fame – seriously, just look at anyone with an uber following).


girl styling from day to night with neutral coloured outfit


3. Marita from E-commerce – Stick to simple make-up touches


Between sending that very last email (and then the one after that), and rushing for the Uber that Zoe totally booked too soon, you’ve probably got all of 3 minutes and 27 seconds to do your makeup. And then, of course, there’s the communal bathroom (with the only mirror in the entire office) to fight over…

That said, don’t even think about a full wipe-off-and-reapply POA. First port of call; go darker on the lips for an evening vibe. Next; reapply the mascara. And lastly, if you still have time; add a little contouring to the cheeks.


girl styling from day to night with subtle make up touches


4. Keisha from buying – Keep a pair of heels under desk


As Marilyn rightly quipped, ‘give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.’ While we’re not quite talking global domination, the same applies when it comes to that day-to-night transformation

Don’t try to kill two birds with one boot. Instead, keep a trustee pair of heels under-desk, ready to draw on as and when you need them. The sudden height increase will not only revamp your look, but your mood, too. Believe us.


girl changing into heels for day to night styling


5. Helen from creative – Tie your hair up, or let it down


Either works, but if you’re going out with your work colleagues and looking for a quick switch-up, there’s nothing faster than letting your hair down, if it’s been up, or up, if it’s been down. (anyone else suddenly thinking, Grand Old Duke of York? No? Just us then…)


girl tying hair up for day to night styling


6. Macarena from creative – Ditch the handbag, fetch the clutch


Yes, it might help you battle your way to the bar, but it won’t be long before that bulky tote gets right in the way.
Instead, slip a clutch in your bag that morning, and draw it out come half past five, transferring only the very essentials. And yes, we’re afraid house keys do take precedence over lippy.


girl changing from handbag to clutch for day to night styling


7. Lulu from design – Spray of perfume


Whether it’s a quick spritz of Chanel, or a desperate rub of whatever’s being advertised in Grazia this week, there’s no finer finish than a dab of perfume under-ear.


girl spraying perfume for day to night styling


Got any tips-n-tricks yourself for that day-to-night style switch? Jot them down in the comment box below, and then head-on-over to our ‘going out’ category for the ultimate styling cheat of them all. Namely, satin plunge jumpsuits, glitter tee dresses and star-speckled velvet co-ords… 


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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