Celebrity Watch: 3 Festival Fashion Queens

Celebrity Watch: 3 Festival Fashion Queens


Festival season’s so close now we can smell it, which means celebrities nationwide are prepping their festival fashion wardrobe as we speak! Last week, we shared our 5 top festival style tips – and while you’ll definitely thank us for suggesting accessible summer dresses (in place of your skinny jeans) when it comes to those portaloos – today we’re thinking less practically, and more stylishly, with our list of the 3 celebrity festival fashion queens you need to channel this year….


What you see as a dusty, puddle-strewn track dividing row upon row of tents, these boho babes see as a catwalk. While you turn to dry shampoo, they turn to flowers, bandannas and an intricate interweaving of plaits. When you sweat, they glisten. But with a hair ring here, a warpaint stripe there, and the perfect ensemble of festival dresses, crop tops and shorts, you’ll be able to strut around in your mud splashed wellies like the best of them.


Kendall Jenner – Print-cess


From street chic to festival fresh, is there a look Kendall Jenner can’t do? Year in, year out, she’s one of the most featured celebrities at Coachella, but with her beautiful sun-kissed skin, flowing locks and model stature, it’s easy to see why.


Queen Kendall often opts for the tribal end of festival fashion, with her combination of Aztec inspired prints and heavy statement necklaces. If you’re opting for pattern this season, make sure your top and bottom halves match, like our gypsy print bardot top and shorts combo. Alternatively, go print heavy on one piece only, such as our tile joggers, and counter balance the design with a plain coloured top like our black halterneck.


kendall jenner in aztec print joggers at festival


Gigi Hadid – Fringe Fest


Gigi’s timeless features lend themselves perfectly to the festival fashion scene (not to mention pretty much every other look ever known to man). She works more of a rock chick look than Kendall, with a focus on multiple layers, fringed clothing, and natural makeup.


Recreate Gigi’s vintage vibe with our black and white crochet waistcoats, which look great layered over contrasting colours, and invest in a packet of face gems for that extra ‘festival fashion queen’ touch.

gig hadid wearing fringed waistcoat at festival


Vanessa Hudgens – Trippy Hippy


Again different from the other two, Vanessa Hudgens takes festival fashion right back to its roots with her dedication to a sixties inspired wardrobe.


Going full-on hippy, the American celebrity always opts for a strong, almost psychedelic use of colour, coupled with airy, free flowing materials. Think floor skimming maxis, such as our tropical print dress, which will not only keep you wonderfully cool – grunge pit or not – but are a slightly more feminine approach to the whole festival scene.


vanessa hudgens wearing floral maxi dress at festival


Off to Glasto next month? Then check out our festival fashion faves now, covering everything from palm print bomber jackets to say-it-out-loud slogan tees – and remember to tag your style edit on Instagram using #NCrowd for a chance to feature on our feed!


All non-brand images sourced from Pinterest


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