Celebrity Watch: How to Nail Airport Style…

Celebrity Watch: How to Nail Airport Style…


When it comes to choosing that all-important airport outfit, things can be a little…up in the air (soz, couldn’t resist). Do you dress for comfort, or style? If there’s a crazy time difference between starting point and destination, which time zone do you go for? Do you base your outfit on the country you’re leaving, or the country you’re heading to? And this in turn throws up even more variables, from weather, to culture, to fashion… But as the old style mantra goes, when in doubt, look to celebs, and that’s precisely what we’re doing today.


From catwalk to runway, we’ve picked five of our fave celebrity airport get-ups to help inspire you this summer. Cos let’s face it, not only do they travel more than anyone – and so should have that style/comfort balance down pat – but behind every uber fashionable model, singer or actress, is an uber fashionable stylist. So zip up that suitcase, grab your passport, and get ready to style steal…


Selena Gomez – The Street-Chic


If there’s a better example of street-chic, we’d like to see it, but until then, Selena Gomez reigns supreme with this heels and tracksuit combo. Quite literally the best of both worlds, you can strut through the airport like a diva, before kicking those heels off on the plane, and lounging back in a hoodie and joggers. And there’s totally room for a bikini underneath, for pronto poolage on arrival.


selena gomez walking through airport in athleisure hoodie and joggers

Charcoal Print Sleeve Hoodie – £20


Taylor Swift – The LBD


A girl’s BFF, whether it’s 40,000 feet above sea level or not, the Little Black Dress is a classic whenever, wherever, as Taylor Swift proves here. Sleek and sophisticated, it’s an ideal choice for cosmo city breaks, such as Paris or Milan, and with its skater skirt hemline, it’s comfortable enough for short-haul flights, too.


taylor swift walking through airport in little black skater dress

Off The Shoulder Skater Dress – £25


Karlie Kloss – The Smart-Casj


Graphic tee and a midi skirt? On paper, it’s a definite no-no. In reality, it’s the perfect way to add a casual edge to a semi-smart look, and Karlie Kloss nails it. Plus, depending on the time of your arrival, the style mash-up works equally well with trainers, heels, flip-flops or sandals.


karlie kloss walking through airport in graphic tee and midi skirt

Fries B4 Guys Tee – £10


Gigi Hadid – The Bomber


Originally designed for American fighter pilots during the 1950s, as a lightweight and easy-to-wear alternative to sheepskin, the bomber jacket clearly has experience when it comes to high altitudes. Plus, it’s an absolute fash-pack fave right now, not only gracing the likes of Gigi Hadid, but Kendall, Kylie, and Zendaya, too. From shorts and a crop top, to skinny jeans and a cami, throw it over ANYthing.


gigi hadid walking through airport in bomber jacket

Navy Satin Bomber Jacket – £28


Cara Delevinge – The Anything Goes


Flying in the middle of the night? For the next best thing to PJs, look to loose fitting joggers, and a T-shirt. Luckily enough, what with this season’s anything-goes mentality, as prints get piled on print, and patterns are mixed and matched, getting dressed in the dark might actually work in your favour.


cara delevingne walking through airport in graphic tee and joggers

Camo Print Tee – £10


Who comes out on top in the celebrity airport style stakes? Let us know in the comments below, and if you ARE heading on your hols in the coming weeks, then make sure you check-in at our holiday snapchat guide first!


All non-brand images sourced from pinterest


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