Need-to-know tips & tricks for surviving Black Friday

Need-to-know tips & tricks for surviving Black Friday


Each year, it gets bigger, better and even more ridiculous. And no, we’re not talking about Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume (though, com’on, that squad of body doubles was totes outta this world). Black Friday crossed the pond back in 2010, and has literally become the shopping event of the year. Though unless you’ve got your shizzle together, and by that, we mean a Navy SEALs-worthy game plan, chances are, you won’t get the most out of the day. Not cool.


So we’ve put together a fool-proof POA, which, if followed by the letter (namely, p, o and a), you’ll come out Black Friday #winning.


1. Early to bed, early to rise


The crux of any master plan; an early night. They say 5am is the golden hour at which greats of the world will either go to bed, or get up. We’d probably advise the latter in this case.



2. Set alarms (note, plural)


Serial snoozer? No doubt you haven’t owned an alarm clock since 2007, so time to unearth those Nokia 3310s you’ve been squirreling away. Once you’ve sufficiently re-exhausted snake (see you next week), set alarms on all your handsets and place them around your room. Failing that, take cues from the Apache’s and drink approximately eight pints of water pre-bed. Can’t hit snooze on the ol’ bladder.



3. Get those passwords clear in your head


*Sorry, your username or password has not been recognised*
*Sorry, your username or password has not been recognised*
*Sorry, your username or password has not been recognised*
*Your account has been temporarily suspended*


Is there anything more jaw-clenchingly irritating than the above? Just imagine it happening on Black Friday then, the moment you were about to order that very last glitter bodycon dress, at a jaw-droppingly good price.



4. Prep your laptop, desktop, mobile phone… spare mobile phone


You never know when your phone’s going to decide it fancy’s a little trip to the genius bar. Or when your laptop fancies installing that vital life-or-death, 45 minute long update, despite the fact it’s been running just fine for the last three years.

Don’t take chances. Set everything up the night before, making sure each device is fully-charged, fully-updated and fully aware that they’re up for replacement should they fail to perform… subject to Amazon’s technology promotion, of course.



5. Create a wishlist


If you think your inbox has taken a pounding already with upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Weekend promotions, that’s nothing in comparison to what’s gonna bombard your email address over the next few days. (DW: we, for ones, will be keeping things San Diego-levels of classy).

So it’ll be easy to lose sight of what you actually want/need/been-waiting-for-all-year, get caught up in the moment, and inexplicably order something completely out-of-the-blue… like double glazing. Even though you don’t actually own a house, or even have a window in your bedroom.



6. Think Christmas presents


Yes, Black Friday might be the perfect time to replace your wardrobe (and by that, we mean, both the contents and the actual unit itself), but remember, Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to cross a few people off the to-buy list, too, at a fraction of the price they’ll think you will have spent.



7. Enter the NC pre-‘Black Friday’ event


Right, even if you ignore ALL of the above, this one’s not to be missed. Repeat, miss it, miss out!

Tomorrow (approx 9am… depending on when our social girl rolls in), we’ll be hosting a pre-‘Black Friday’ promotion over on Instagram. To take part, all you need to do is tag your bestie in the comments under the relevant post (and make sure you’re each following us). In exchange, you’ll BOTH receive a promo code for IMMEDIATE use across our ENTIRE range.

But the quicker you act, the better the discount…


First 50 comments – 40% off
Next 100 comments – 30% off
Next 100 comments – 25% off
Next 100 comments – 20% off



Got any Cyber Weekend shopping tips to share? Help a fellow fash-lover out, and pop them down below. And we’ll see you bright-n-early tomorrow morning over on Instagram, for our pre-‘Black Friday’ event! Best start downing those pints of water now…


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