The Biggest Pop-Culture Moments of 2016

The Biggest Pop-Culture Moments of 2016


Wishing 2016 would hurry up and leave already? You’re not alone. In fact, assuming 7 billion people currently inhabit the planet, we’re guessing approximately 6,999,999 of them are counting down the days until 2017 (no prizes for guessing the one person who’s rather enjoyed himself this year). But if we’re able to look past the fact America’s elected a businessman (and that’s putting it extremely politely) as their new head of state, that the UK decided to vacate the snug embrace of the European Union, and that Death seems to have developed a taste for the super-loved and super-talented, then 2016 hasn’t been all doom and gloom (has it?).


We cast our minds back on the year that time would sooner forget, and remember some of the biggest pop-culture moments of 2016.


Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins his Oscar, February


Twenty-seven years as a professional actor. No less than six Oscar nominations. And more internet memes, gifs and vines than the entire cat population put together… Was all it took for Leo to finally nab the Oscar we all knew he deserved to win wayyyyy back in 1994 for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? If only he’d thought to eat raw bison liver 22 years ago.



Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, February


Beyoncé gave the performance of her life, during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Accompanied by a squad of leather-clad dancers, they formed an X on pitch and punched the air in homage to the 50th anniversary of the militant Black Panther movement.

Watched live by 115 million people, it was a staggeringly powerful message and cut right to the heart of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ controversy. Go Bey!



John Snow’s Alive, April


The winter of 2015 seemed longer than most, as the entire nation waited with bated breath to discover whether their favourite bastard was in fact dead or not. Turns out he wasn’t. Good news for GOT fans, bad news for Ramsay Bolton.



Pokémon Go, July


Even if you didn’t pop down to your local park, in the middle of the night, arm-outstretched, eyes fixed to screen, in search of that elusive Mewtwo… you at least downloaded it, didn’t you? Didn’t you?



The Mannequin Challenge, September


Following in the footsteps of 2010’s planking phenomenon, and 2013’s ice bucket craze (which was recently proven to have actually made a considerable difference – huzzah!), this year’s #MannequinChallenge has filtered its way through schools, offices and White Houses alike, and in doing so, literally brought the world to a standstill. Ba’dum tsh.



Killer Clown Craze, September


Any other year, and the fact that grown men were donning wigs, applying full faces of make-up and terrorising local neighbourhoods armed with axes, meat carvers and machetes, would be absolutely mind-boggling. This year? Meh.



That Walking Dead Season 7 Opener, October


If you don’t watch the show, then seriously, WTH are you playing at? If you do… well, no words, right? Nails were bitten. Guts were wrenched. Hearts were rendered. And that was just the folks at home watching it.



???, December


Let’s face it. What with the year we’ve had, literally anything could happen between now and January. Aliens might suddenly invade and colonise the planet. We might discover that, actually, the Matrix was right all along and life as we know is no more than a computer generated program. Or Auntie Helen might actually make it through Christmas dinner sober. You’re right, scrap that last one.



Drop us a line in the comments below about what you thought was the biggest pop culture moment of 2016. And while we’re at it, why not take our NYE quiz and discover what you should official be wearing on the final night of this crazy crazy year!


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