It’s Official. These Are The Most Iconic Movie Weddings Ever!

It’s Official. These Are The Most Iconic Movie Weddings Ever!


As parties go, weddings are wayyy up there. Not only do they start far earlier than your average bash, but there’s nearly always free booze (don’t see too many invites starting with ‘BYO’), everyone’s in a freakishly good mood, and if you’re lucky enough not to get picked as a bridesmaid, it’s the perfect excuse to treat yo’self to some fancy-ass threads. So to celebrate our new occasion wear category (there it is!), we’ve pulled together some of the most iconic movie wedding moments ever to hit the silver screen.


Love Actually


Yes, it’s cheesier than Philip Schofield dunking mozzarella pizza into a pot of swiss fondue, but com’on, you’re lying if you didn’t secretly wish your wedding turned out exactly the same way… right down to the gospel choir in the rafters, the hidden trumpeters in the pews, and the jack-in-the-box-like flutists along the back row. Yes, it’s a little weird when you find out that guy from Walking Dead’s filmed Keira Knightley’s every move, but hey, perhaps that’s love… actually.


Kill Bill Vol. 2


No one likes a wedding crasher, but Uma Thurman’s old flame, Bill, just about takes the biscuit in Tarantino’s totally true-to-form take on the big day. Opening the sequel with a ‘flashback’, we already know what’s gonna’ happen, but that only heightens the already suffocatingly-thick tension that very, very slowly rises in this epic ten 10 minute scene. Uma Thurman will be shot. But how, when, and why does it happen? Cue blood. Lots and lots of blood.


27 Dresses


‘Always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ as they say. Well it certainly rings true in Katherine Heigl’s case, as her character’s forced to look on and smile at the happy couple – teeth increasingly clenched, weird eye-twitch slowly developing – no less than 27 times. But as they also say, ‘all’s well, that ends well’. Does the perennial bridesmaid finally get hitched? Of course she does, and she invites all 27 brides to join her on-stage, each wearing the wedding dress they got married in. Pass the… sob… Kleenex, would ya?


Sex and the City


Forget whether that little cake figure’s a fitting likeness or not. When it comes to weddings, there’s one thing every woman dreads above all else; getting left at the alter. Spine, chills, much? Especially when you’ve been featured as a bride-to-be in Vogue, your dress has been designed by none other than Vivienne Westwood, and you’ve invited pretty much every single mover n’ shaker in the whole of New York… a little like Carrie Bradshaw then in Sex and the City. At least she gets to hit Big in the face with a bouquet of long-stemmed ivory roses. Karma, right? Don’t mess with it.


Twilight: Breaking Dawn


Yes, it’s almost physically impossible to sit through without screaming at the television, ‘WHY DID YOU DO IT, KRISTIN, WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?!’, but burning Twihard rage aside, it’s still pretty much the most gorgeous on-screen wedding ever; the leaf-strewn floor, the cascading blossoms, the vine entangled benches… *Re-downloads Pinterest App*


What’s your all-time fave movie wedding moment? Let us know in the comments below. And if you HAVE got a mate’s wedding coming up, and haven’t yet found yourself a best-dressed-list-topping outfit, might wanna’ get on over to our summer-party edit, stat – from floral box shirts to mixed print dresses, we’re talking serious OOT(wedding)D goals!


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