The Insta-perfect London Locations for Fireworks Night

The Insta-perfect London Locations for Fireworks Night


Guy Fawkes Night. Bonfire Night. Fireworks Night. However you refer to it, the annual event lands on a Saturday for a change. So a bit like that fateful date, once every seven years, when your birthday does the same, there really is NO excuse not to get out of the house and make the absolute most of it… regardless of how many Netflix shows you need to catch up on (what do you mean you STILL haven’t watched Stranger Things?). As such, we thought we’d share some of the very best locations around London (missed that Walking Dead season 7 opener, too?) to ensure you don’t spend the evening longing for the warm glow of your TV over the crackling blaze of the bonfire (but Game of Thrones finished waaaaay back in June?!?!).


instagram pic of fireworks from best locations in london


So grab your wellies, fetch yourself a hoodie, and zip that knitted bomber jacket all the way to to the top! Yes, it’s gonna be hella cold, but just think about those shots you’ll get for your Insta-feed. And maybe, just maybe, after close to a gazillion attempts, you’ll eventually time that Boomerang just right, too. Heck, add a filter, a little contrast, and bit of the ol’ sharpening, and it might even be enough to convince the folks back at home that they should have ventured out, too. Though probably not…


For the #yolo-er – Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display


Didn’t make it over to Munich for Oktoberfest? Don’t worry, ‘cos Ally Pally’s offering the next best thing with its German Bier Festival themed Fireworks display. Kicking things off at three o’ clock sharp (or at least, that’s when the beer tent opens), you can expect all manner of oompah bands, sausage stalls, and lederhosen-clad attendants, not to mention a full-size ice rink, a Mexican Day of the Dead parade, and a selection of funfair stalls and attractions…


Oh yeah, and if you’ve still got time after all that… they host a pretty deec fireworks display, too. Overlooking a panoramic view of London, no less. Instagram won’t know what hit it.


instagram shot of best london fireworks display in Alexandra palace


For #couplegoals – Primrose Hill


True. Primrose Hill doesn’t actually host its own event. But that’s because it really doesn’t need to. At 213 feet high, it not only offers a breath-taking view of London – 24/7 – but on the 5th November each year, a breath-taking view of London’s numerous firework displays, too! And it’s totally free. As for provisions; sleeping bags, advised. A few bottles of prosecco, essential.


instagram shot of best london fireworks display from primrose hill


For the #baller – Duck & Waffle Restaurant, Heron Tower


One of London’s tallest restaurants, the Duck & Waffle stands 750 feet above the city. So while Primrose Hill might overlook the various firework displays, here, you’re in the very heart of them. Not to mention, you’ll be nomming on the likes of bacon wrapped dates, Angus rib-eye steak and salted caramel choux buns. Yes, it might set you back a little more on the funds-front, but when you pop open that second bottle of bubbly, amidst a dizzying display of multi-coloured pyrotechnics, that jaw-to-the-floor bill will be the last thing on your mind… especially if he’s paying.


instagram shot of best london fireworks display from duck and waffle restaurant


For the #LoveLondon-er – Victoria Park Fireworks Display


Vicky Park always promises a spectacular show, but this year it commemorates the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London, so we’re expecting even bigger things! Plus, unlike some of the other organised displays, there’s no admission charge… which pretty much guarantees ridiculous crowds; so get there early, pay your respects to the beer tent, and bag yourself a spot at the front.


instagram shot of best london fireworks display from Victoria park


Where are YOU heading this year for fireworks night? Let us know in the comment box below, and in the meantime, you better make your way over to our latest knitwear collection, positively exploding with all manner of longline cardigans, funnel neck jumpers, and knitted varsity jackets; in the words of Alicia Keys, this girl is bon-fiiiirre. (wait, is that right?)


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