THESE are the Snapchats you need to take on Holiday…

THESE are the Snapchats you need to take on Holiday…


Before Snapchat came along, a holiday album on Facebook was the only way to make your friends, family and colleagues super jealous about the fact you’d been away…and they hadn’t. But more often than not, by the time it was uploaded, you were back in drizzly England, too, which totally defeated the point. So thank god for Snapchat, and the ability to update those people back home – minute-by-minute – EVERYTHING that takes place on your holiday, while you’re still on holiday!
Admit it: you love nothing more that hearing how gawdawful the weather is in England while you’re tannin’ it up in the tropics.  For whatever reason, knowing everyone’s dying of jealously is part-and-parcel of what makes going away so great. So today we’re sharing the 7 Snapchats you need to take in order to achieve MAXimum ‘jel’ factor…


Snapchat Shot 1 – Looking out at Sea


Nothing says holiday like a beautiful cobalt sea, stretching over the horizon. The fact that the water’s not some grizzly grey, that the sky’s not some grizzly grey, and that the beach isn’t some grizzly grey, is immediate proof that you’re absolutely 100% not in England.


snapchat of girl looking out to sea in nobody's child bardot top on holidayStripe Bardot Top – £16


Get in the shot if you can and throw some killer garms into the mix – a pair of our Fern Print Beach Shorts, for instance – just to show how chic and stylish you are, even in soaring temperatures!


Snapchat Shot 2 – Your Girl Squad


When you’re on holiday, it’s basically Saturday night, every night, which means dressing up and going out…every night. So gather your girl squad, slip into your holiday best, and line up for that pre-drink snapchat selfie…


snapchat of girl gang wearing nobody's child dresses on holiday


It goes without saying, but bonus style points awarded if you’re all wearing Nobody’s Child dresses, and with seaside stripe midis, floral prints minis and two-piece co-rds combos on offer this summer, why wouldn’t you be?


Snapchat shot 3 – Poolside Cocktails


It’s 11 o’clock in the morning, and while Andy back in the office is about to tuck into his second belvita, you’re poolside sipping cocktails! The fact that it’s a virgin Pina Colada doesn’t matter in the slightest. There’s a friggin’ umbrella coming out of it, not to mention enough fruit to constitute as your five-a-day…for the entire week!


taking snapchat pic of poolside cocktails on holiday


Snapchat shot 4 – Sand Signature


Take a photo of a sandcastle, and yes, while it does say ‘beach’, who’s to say you’re actually at the beach. It could be a photo of a photo of a sandcastle, or a regram of someone else’s sandcastle, both crimes of which any and all self-respecting snapchatter or instagrammer will have no doubt committed. But write your name in said sand, and it’s an entirely different story…


snapchat pic of nobody's child written in sand on holiday


Snapchat shot 5 – Room-with-a-view


While one flatmate back home has to rely on a window the size of a letterbox whenever she wants to take that naturally-lit selfie, the other flatmate has but a single limp-hanging lightbulb to accentuate her contours.
But that doesn’t stop you, even for a second, from snapchatting that cinema-screen-sized pane of glass in your hotel room, overlooking a sun-gleaming cityscape that looks as if it’s been taken straight out of a holiday brochure. No-sir-ree-bob.


snapchat of girl sitting in hotel window on holiday


Snapchat shot 6 – Accessory Flatlay


Yes, it may have taken you an hour to perfectly arrange it. And yes, that’s one less hour in the pool. But you’re a fashion instagrammer, goddamnit, and before you wear an outfit, you spread the various bits and bobs out on your bed first and take a picture.


Floppy hat, check. Cateye sunglasses, check. Totally on-trend Palm Print Kimono, check. And that book with the lovely cover, which you’re almost definitely never going to read. Check.


holiday accessories flatlay snapchat photo


Snapchat shot 7 – Sundrenched Selfie


Whether it’s posing with an ice-cream, snorkelling with dolphins, or baring shoulders in your new Gypsy Bardot Top, a sun-drenched selfie snapchat is a holiday must, and with our top tip guide for taking the perfect selfie, you can ensure those sunburnt cheekbones look absolutely on-fleek.


snapchat of girl taking selfie in nobody's child bardot topStripe Bardot Top – £16


For even more holiday snapchat ideas, makes sure you’re following our own account – Nobodys_Child – but before you do, get on over to our Holiday collection, for Hawaii flippy skirts, tan-maxing beach dresses and dare-to-bare co-ord combos galore!


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