Are these the best EVER celebrity Halloween costumes?

Are these the best EVER celebrity Halloween costumes?


Sleepless nights? Extended periods of time gazing into thin air?? Moments when you simply can’t remember what you’re doing, where you are, or what your name is…??? Sounds like you’ve got ‘Halloween Costume Disorder’; a serious affliction, which effects people every October, year in, year out. Simply put, you literally CANNOT decide on what to dress-up as for Halloween, and slowly but surely, it begins to take over your every thought.


But fear not – a cure is at hand! We’ve trawled the web, in search of the very best celebrity Halloween costume ideas, and can now report our findings. So top up the fake blood supplies, let the cobwebs gather for the next few weeks, and don’t go cancelling that Facebook event in a sheer moment of panic… just yet!


Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease


Ok, yes, Sandy from Grease might not be your traditional Halloween character, but just look at Gigi. From those perfect brows, to those perfect curls, to that perfect slick of red lip, she’s absolutely KILLING it… and that’s sort of Halloweeny, right?


gigi hadid dressed in sandy from grease costume for celebrity halloween party

Get the lookskinny side zip leggings and our black choker neck crop top? Halloween costume sorted, quick as greased lightning.


Emily Ratajkowski as Marge Simpson


Lime green dress in the cupboard? Spare can of body paint lying around? Marie Antoinette wig in the dressing-up box? Thought not. But five mins on eBay could soon change that, which is no doubt what Emily Ratajkowski did when she dressed up as everyone’s favourite TV mum – that’s Marge Simpson, not Kris Jenner – for Halloween.


emily ratajkowski dressed in marge simpson costume for celebrity halloween party

Get the look – (see above) …and no, we don’t stock lime green bodycon dresses. Soz!


Poppy Delevingne as Harley Quinn


Suicide Squad may have been a let-down. It may have been a complete and utter soul-destroying disaster. But in spite of all that, don’t be surprised to see bubble-popping Harley Quinn, front-and-centre on the trick-n-treatin’ scene for a good few years to come.


Relatively easy but super effective, Poppy Delevingne absolutely nails the character. But why she didn’t decide to instead dress-up as her sister’s character – The Empress – is beyond us. Though it might have something to do with the fact that Cara spends the majority of the film covered in mud with mascara dripping down her cheeks. Who knows?


poppy delevingne dressed as harley quinn costume for celebrity halloween party


Get the look – tie your hair into pigtails, slip into a pair of shorts and a crop top, and throw our black velvet bomber jacket over your shoulders. Squad. Goals.


Kate Moss as Cara Delevingne


Again, doesn’t necessarily scream Halloween, but you gotta admit, the likeness is spookily similar. And trust Mossy to come up with something as inspired as dressing like Cara Delevingne… or should that be, Devil-lingne.


kate moss dressed in cara delevingne costume for celebrity halloween party

Get the look – leggings, slogan tee and a hoodie. Done. Now it’s just a case of getting those brows… on fleeeeeek!


Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy


From Catwoman to Wonder Woman, Anna Wintour to Snow White, it’s fair to say that Kim Kardashian does Halloween. But our absolute fave of hers has to be Batman foe, Poison Ivy.

As with all her costumes (aside from Wintour perhaps), she manages to make Halloween super flattering. A rare gift envied/hated by all.


kim kardashian dressed in poison ivy costume for celebrity halloween party


Get the look – Ivy bush in the garden? Time to fetch the pruners.


Cara and Kendall as Mario & Luigi


Granted. There’s probably a list as long as your arm of duos you and your BFF would do before the Mario Brothers, but you got to give Cara and Kendall their dues; arguably two of the most beautiful women on the planet, and they decide to dress up as a pair of squat, sweaty, overweight, mustachio’d Italian plumbers.


cara and kendall dressed in mario and luigi costumes for celebrity halloween party

Get the look – Mario and Luigi had that layering look on-lock, light years before anyone else. Start with a red or green top and throw over a pair of dungarees (or a pinafore dress for a femme spin) on top. OR, if you want to get really clever, slip on a pair of drainpipe jeans. Get it? Drainpipe. Badum’ tish.


Rihanna – Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle


Perhaps Rihanna never saw that scene in Mean Girls… Either way, it’s fair to say the barbadian babe turtly stepped out of her shell in this Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles costume. But then again, it is Rihanna we’re talking about. She’d make Freddy Kruegar look good.


rihanna dressed in teenage mutant hero turtle costumes for celebrity halloween party


Get the look – ???


Which celebrity Halloween costume gets your vote? Let us know in the comment box below, and if you’ve still got no idea what to dress up as, better head on over to our Halloween category, complete with bewitching lace-layered skaters, spellbinding velvet bodycons, and dead gorgeous mesh slip dresses. 


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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