The 90s Style Icons to Channel this Season… and the Next!

The 90s Style Icons to Channel this Season… and the Next!


Look outside and you’d be forgiven for thinking the world’s taken one jelly-sandalled step back twenty years. From the pop crop tops, to the grunge-girl sweats, to the supermodel slip dresses, it’s kinda’ like that 90s themed fancy dress party you hosted back in 2011 out there. You know, the one when everyone wore their hair in high scrunchie-tied ponytails with those two little bits coming down, and thought it was a right ol’ laugh Well, the jokes over ya’ll.


While the decade may have got a helluva’ lot wrong, it actually got a helluva’ right, too, as you’ll soon learn from the following 90s style icons. So step away from the butterfly clips (cos some things ain’t never coming back!), and take cues from these fab five instead…


Winona Ryder


Back in the public eye thanks to Stranger Things (you haven’t watched it? Then WTH are you still doing here?!), Winona was officially the coolest girl in town during the early nineties… and not least of all because she was dating scissor-handed, razor-cheekboned Johnny Depp. Steadfastly herself, it’s alleged she wore a $10 vintage dress to the Oscars, thought it’s the don’t-give-a-damn graphic rock tee and denim combos she’s remembered for!


nineties style icon winona ryder wearing oversized boyfriend sweat


Drew Barrymore


Whether it’s mesh thrown over a blouse, or Doc M’s with a dress, trends are being clashed left, right and centre this season, but unfortunately it’s not as cutting-edge as we might think… You see, Drew had the look down-pat this time twenty years ago, adding a generous grain of grunge to the whole girl-next-door thang. Her party trick? Blood-red lips and a daisy in the hair. Fresh. As. Death.


nineties style icon drew barrymore wearing velvet choker necklace


Lisa Bonet


Lenny’s cool n’ all, but don’t think for one second Zoe Kravitz inherited her laidback-cool entirely from Dad. Cos mamma-dearest, Lisa Bonet, might have a thing or two to say about it. A household name thanks to The Crosby Show, she soon transitioned from teen-star to style-icon, thanks to her badass-boho vibe. With waist-length dreads and a care-free attitude, she’s hands-down to thank for making floral maxi skirts cool again.


nineties style icon lisa bonet wearing off the shoulder bardot top


Courtney Love


The poster girl for all things grunge, Courtney Love lived, breathed and ultimately married the movement. Though not one to be defined by her partner (Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain), she carved out her own successful music career, and gained a reputation for those grunge-glam getups; think fishnet tights, a semi-sheer slip dress and that schlock of peroxide-blonde hair.


nineties style icon courtney love wearing white ruffle top


Gwen Stefani

Almost certainly a vampire (you heard it here first), Gwen Stefani hasn’t aged a day since her rock-hard-ab-flaunting days of the nineties. As singer of the SoCal ska-pop band, No Doubt, she totally owned that spotlight with her boho-meets-cyber-punk mash-up. I mean, a bare-all crop top, neon corn rows and an Indian Bindi? Perhaps a look to pick n’ choose from…


nineties style icon gwen stefani wearing red mesh crop top


From Alicia Silverstone to TLC, this list could go on and on, so it’s over to you. Let us know which nineties style icons you’re channelling this season in the comments below, before heading over to our POP category for all things throw-back; we’re talking satin camis, jersey jumpsuits and wear-over-all mesh dresses!


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