Up your Instagram Game with these GORG London Tiled Floors

Up your Instagram Game with these GORG London Tiled Floors


#FromWhereIStand is a firm fave among style bloggers, fashion instagrammers, and social influencers alike. Put simply, it’s a shot of the floor. But that’s like saying a selfie’s simply a shot of your face, and as we all know, there’s the lighting, the angle, the backdrop, and last but not least, the facial expression to consider, as our selfie taking guide will tell you. But back to those floors… Having already racked up a very respectable 2.6 million posts on Instagram, it’s fair to say the downward shot’s reaching ‘trending’ status, and thanks to German photographer, Sebastian Erras, here’s how to get a leg up on the competition


Done right, the ‘From Where I Stand’ hashtag is a great way to either share with your users where you are, showcase a new pair of shoes, or simply break up the ‘selfie – cocktail – smashed avo on toast – hotdog knees – new outfit against a plain wall’ cycle. But there’s more to it more than simply pointing your iPhone down towards that patch of concrete outside your house that you think looks sort of rustic. To really stand out, you’re gonna need some masterful mosaic creations, and thankfully Erras has done the legwork for you. Over on his Instagram page – @parisianfloors – he’s put together a collection of the most instagrammable floors London has to offer….though rumour has it, he only found them thanks to playing Pokémon Go.


Bloomsbury Coffee House, 20 Tavistock Place


instagram photo of london bloomsbury coffee house tiled floor


A swirling explosion of colour, this London floor mosaic would perk up anyone. Get it? Perk…up…and it’s in a coffee house? Ohhh, forget it.


Hispania Restaurant, 72-74 Lombard St


instagram photo of london hispania restaurant tiled floor


An optical illusion….or not, get ready for one helluva game of don’t-step-on-the-cracks.


Duck and Waffle Restaurant, Heron Tower


instagram photo of london duck and waffle restaurant tiled floor


Scared of heights? While the Duck and Waffle restaurant might offer jaw-dropping views of London, if you really can’t bring yourself to look at them, at least the ceramic-like flooring is pretty enough.


Tate Britain Museum, Millbank


instagram photo of london tate britain museum tiled floor


If you’re a sucker for black and white patterns, then you’ll love our Ditsy Print Culottes. Trust us. And what with this season’s print-on-print trend, you might want to get down to this tiled floor at Tate Britain, like, pronto.


Bar Pepito, 3 Varnishes Yard


instagram photo of london bar pepito tiled floor


Can’t make up your mind what sort of pattern would look best on your Instagram feed? Bar Pepito has something for everyone.


For plenty more instagrammable London floors, check out Erra’s collaboration with Pixart Printing, where he details the exact location of each. And if, for whatever reason, you’re suddenly experiencing a longing for rich and vibrant patterns, might we suggest our Retro Revival range, where we’ve revisited some classic prints from the past and re-imagined them in contemporary styles and shapes. Think polka dot wrap dresses, gingham tie-front tops and ditsy print bomber jackets.


Found any interesting floors in London yourself? Let us know in the comment box below, or better yet, why not tag us in a shot on Instagram using #NCpose.


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