Are these really the most popular Instagram pics of 2015??

Are these really the most popular Instagram pics of 2015??


Today we’re sharing the most popular Instagram pics of 2015, but before we do, let’s look back at what was unquestionable another stellar year for the social platform…


2015 was an amazing twelve months for Instagram. Not only did we have a new ‘most-liked’ image, but in May, David Beckham became the fastest growing account in history when he joined the network for his 40th birthday. And then in June, Instagram…ahem…thought outside the box, and finally allowed you to share your style edits in a shape other than the traditional square for the first time EVER, much to the relief of every single fashion instagrammer! Oh yeah, and it turned the ripe old age of five on the 6th October – on the very same day Nobody’s Child launched, no less!


The Top Five Instagram Pics of 2015


5th Most Popular – Kylie Jenner


Kylie shared a photo of her high school graduation diploma back in May. Whether it’s those totally ‘on fleek’ flamingo pink nails, the enigma of whether her right cheek has been as perfectly contoured as her left, or just well-wishers in the world sharing in her success, this pic knocked up a cool 2.3 million likes!


kylie jenner in black bodycon dress


4th Most Popular – Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift and a cat. If you had to write down a formula for making uber-popular Instagram pics, these two factors would no doubt feature somewhere…plus it helps knowing how to take the perfect selfie.


And though Meredith, the Cat in question, is described as being ‘allergic to joy,’ let’s hope the fact that 2.4 million people liked it, helped her finally crack a smile.


taylor swfit holding cat in grey hoodie


3rd Most Popular – Taylor Swift


Yep, Taylor again. In fact, get use to seeing her as it’s not the last time she crops up in this list. Providing the world with serious #couplegoals, she piggybacks a ride with beau, Calvin Harris, and racks up 2.5 million ‘double taps’ in the process.


taylor swift at beach in matching co-ord


2nd Most Popular – Taylor Swift


Bored yet? Don’t worry, she might have three photos in the top five most poular Instagram pics of 2015, but rest assured, she hasn’t nailed the top spot. Then again, why wouldn’t you like a photo of good ol’ Swifty standing next to a bouquet of flowers sent from his royal Yeezus, himself?


taylor swift wearing grey crop top and black denim shorts


Most Popular – Kendall Jenner


In all honesty, this is the only photo of the five to demonstrate any creativity, so we’ve sort of got to hand it to Kendall. Not only did she lay down on a dusty floor while wearing a lace bodycon dress, but she also managed to convince someone else to painstakingly arrange her silky locks into hearts. And all for 3.2 million likes? We’d probably lie on the floor for that, too…


kendall jenner laying in lace bodycon dress


Want to get your own likes up? Then check out our 5 top tips to get Instagram famous, and who knows, with a bit of luck you might even make it into this list for 2016. Though of course, some killer new threads are only going to improve your chances, so make sure you check out our latest tops, skirts and dresses over at the New In section now!


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