How to Give Your Life an Essential Colour-Boost

How to Give Your Life an Essential Colour-Boost


So Monday-gone was officially the most depressing day of the year, and boy did it live up to it; never-ending tube delays, a permanent mist of rain that seeped through to the bone… before continuing to the soul, and the thought that it was another five looooong days until the next life-rekindling break from the monotony of it all (‘weekends’, I think they’re called). Dubbed Blue Monday, experts were predicting it to be the bluest on record – gloomy stuff! And with at least another month of grizzly grey winter yet to endure, we for one’s are making a stand!


Rather than write yet another guide to increasing happiness (let’s face it, the internet’s at breaking point), we’re proposing a jumpstart on colour! A little like when you add a filter on Instagram – and all of a sudden that coffee in Peckham looks like a coffee in Madrid – by turning up the saturation on your own life, Spring will hopefully feel that little bit closer. That’s the theory anyway, so here goes…


Buy yourself a bunch of flowers


Put a couple of quid aside each week to treat yourself to some flowers. We’re not talking a £50 bouquet of long-stemmed roses, but just a bunch of carnations or something. Not only will they add an immediate pop of colour to your desk/kitchen table/coat lapel (we’re looking at you, eng-lit students), but will add a natural spritz of eau de mother nature to the room!


bunch of flowers for adding SS17 colour boost to life


Try a new shade of nail varnish


Whether you’re hammering out the hashtags or furiously typing up your dissertation, we all spend a helluva lot of time looking at our fingers. So try a new daring shade of nail varnish – whether it’s a mustard yellow, a flamingo pink, or a mermaid blue – for a splash of colour that will stay in view 24/7.


new nail varnish for adding SS17 colour boost to life


Bath Bombs Away!


Bath bombs are a bit of a social-sensation right now. But habitual instagrammer or not, what better way to end the day than dipping into a psychedelic swirl of colour? A legal one, at that.


rainbow bath bombs for adding SS17 colour boost to life


Change your wallpaper


DW, we’re not suggesting you redecorate your living room. By wallpaper, we mean the one on your phone, and considering the average person hits the ol’ home button 85 times a day (I know, right?), you may as well give yourself something nice to look at. Pick a super-summery pic from last year’s hols – you and your BFF cannonballing into the pool or clinking over-priced mojitos, for example – for a day-long jolt of positive vibes!


summery photo wallpaper for adding SS17 colour boost to life


Jazz up your H2O


Yes, drinking more water helps with just about everything in life, but it’s just so boring we hear you shout *sips coke*. To that, we say grab yourself a Voss bottle or jam jar, fill it with all manner of oranges, lemons and limes, and get drinking. Not only will you feel healthier, but it’s like having a lava lamp of colourful goodness on your desk.


ffruit infused water for adding SS17 colour boost to life


Get a leg-up on SS17


It might be January, but the time to start prepping your SS17 wardrobe is now! From ruffle crop blouses through to powder-pink frill front shirts, it’s set to be the most colourful season we’ve had in years – so start making the most of it! Besides, who do you think you are; Victoria Beckham? Enough of the black already….


girl in floral wrap dress adding SS17 colour boost to lifeDaisy Print Midi Dress – £30


How did YOU tackle Blue Monday? If you know any great tips yourself for adding a little colour to your life, be sure to jot them down in the comment box below! Failing that, head on over to our new-in section where we’re making full use of the spectrum!


All non-brand imagery sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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