7 Tricks To Take Instantly Better Photos On Your iPhone

7 Tricks To Take Instantly Better Photos On Your iPhone


So as you may or may not know, every single month we give out a £100 in cold hard NC vouchers to our fave #WeAreNobodys insta-shot. To enter, all you have to do is: 1) Snap a pic of your new threads. 2) Upload it to Instagram. And 3) Include our hashtag in the caption. Eaaaaaasy money. But believe you us, the competition’s rife, and a hazy, thumb-protruding shot of your floordrobe just ain’t gonna cut it.


So to give you a helping hand, today we’re sharing the 7 need-to-know hacks for taking better photos on your mobile (especially imp. if you haven’t got a spare £1000 hanging around for the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing iPhone 10). You know, rule of thirds and all that jazz. Cos even if you don’t win the voucher, you might just land yourself a place on our feed, and in some ways, eternal sort-of-fame is in some ways an even better prize, right? No? Ok, fine, you want the money. So better listen up…


Tip 1. Don’t zoom in


Supposedly there’s no loss of detail up to a certain level of ‘zoom’ on most phone cameras. Don’t believe a word of it. Instead – and this might come as a bit of a revelation – simply move closer to whatever it is you’re shooting… and bare with, cos the tips do get slightly more technical. Just easing you in, like.



Tip 2. Shoot from the hip


The natural thing to do is shoot from eye-level, right? As obviously it means you can see what you’re shooting. However… depending on the height difference between shooter and shootee, this can dramatically change the proportions of the person in the picture. Or IOW, make them either look stumpy or lanky or sometimes even a bit of both. Instead, shoot from the hip like an old-time gunslinger.



Tip 3. Wipe that lens


An obvious one, sure, but how many of you actually remember to wipe that camera lens before you take a snap? Yeah, thought as much…



Tip 4. Rule of Thirds


Here we go – the oldest photography trick in the book; rule of thirds. Basically, theory goes that if you place your subject matter in the first third of the image space, it makes for a more interesting shot. If you’re using an iPhone, use grid mode and align the person along either the left or right vertical line. Sounds simple, but you might be surprised by the results.



Tip 5. Look Space


Looking straight at the camera, big grin on your face, is all a bit family-photo-album. Instead, position the person in the shot a third into frame (see above), and ask them to look away towards the remaining two thirds, preferably at something interesting like a building in the background, or a crack in the wall.



Tip 6. Don’t Stand Still


Not only can this make for a boring photo, but the person in the shot can often look (and feel) awkward just standing there. Ask them to move around – slowly, mind – even if it’s just walking up and down the street. Not only will this add movement to the clothing, but adds a candid-vibe to the image. Seriously, just look at any viral style shot on Pinterest or Tumblr.


Tip 7. Use burst mode


Yes, it will eat up your memory faster than the latest candy crush update, but by asking the person you’re shooting to move around while using burst mode, you’ll have a load of different options to choose from. Yes, they’ll almost certainly be blinking in half of them, but odds are there should at least be a couple of insta-worthy shots among them.

Got any greats tips yourself for taking better photos on your phone? Help out a fellow gal, and jot them down in the comment bow below, or check out these ten shots you guys tagged us in over Summer for some serious style inspo!


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