7 ways to slay your first day back

7 ways to slay your first day back


First day back. Three relatively harmless words… until they’re brought together. Combined, they form one of the most spine-chilling, heartrending, palpitation-inducing expressions known to man. First. Day. Back. It’s up there with ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Let’s be friends.’ But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re starting a new school, returning to uni, or dreading that Monday morning at work after a fortnight chillaxing in the Maldives, we’re here to help. With the following 7 tips and tricks, you’re gonna absolutely slay that first day back! Believe us.


Tip 1. Plan your day with a bullet journal


We recently wrote about the bullet journal – a new craze taking Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr by storm (don’t believe us? Try searching #BUJO). In a nutshell, it’s a day-by-day journal, but one that uses super cute doodles as a means to categorise tasks, meetings, memos and appointments.
Much like the colouring book trend of a few years ago (but with a far more practical purpose!), the process of sitting down and putting pen to paper is ultra-relaxing and allows you to ‘externalise’ the various goings-on in your head, in turn freeing up space for more important thoughts…like what you’re going to wear tomorrow.


bullet journal for surviving the first day back at work


Tip 2. Wear a new outfit


Talking about what you’re going to wear, there’s no better way to banish those first-day-back nerves than a brand new outfit. Not only will it give you a mega confidence boost, but a new term’s the perfect opportunity for a little style reinvention. And what with AW16 boasting some of the most exciting trends in years, from the tribal-inspired ‘Global Traveller’ to the gothic re-imagining of florals, you can expect to make one helluva entrance. Culottes, a crop top and a bomber jacket? Fash-fashion and office-appropriate.


girl wearing velvet bomber jacket and pleated culottes on first day backKhaki Animal Print Culottes – £18


Tip 3. Wake up 30 minutes earlier


It might hurt at the time, but resist that snooze button with all your might. With those extra thirty minutes in the morning, you can take everything…just….that…little…bit…slower, meaning that when do eventually leave the house, you’re one cooooool and collected cucumber.


girl waking up thirty minutes early on first day back at work


4. Eat a decent breakfast


Smashed avo on toast, hot porridge and blueberries, or simply a banana on-the-go, it’s vitally important you have breakfast. And while that goes for EVERY day, it’s absolutely paramount when it comes to your first day back!


As well as giving you a surge of energy, breakfast has been scientifically proven to increase both performance and concentration. Most important meal of the day? You bet’cha.


smashed avocado on toast for first day back breakfast


5. Invest in some new stationery


It might sound like a weird one, but make time to pop down to somewhere like Tiger or Muji while you’re still off, and refurbish that stationery draw. We’re talking new pens, pencils, maybe a quirky rubber or two, and defo a pot of multi-coloured paperclips…if only for the sake of a flatlay. You’ll feel uber organised on your first day back, and it’ll totally contribute to that fresh start feeling.


flat lay of stationery on first day back at work


6. Keep that first hour completely free


Any by completely free, we mean no appointments or tasks of any particular nature. That first hour needs to be reserved for desk sorting, coffee-drinking, pen pot refilling, and self-composing. And if and when you’ve done all that, then and only then is it time to check an email or two.

desk flat lay from first day back at work


7. Plan something nice in the evening


Whether it’s meeting your BFF for a coffee, going for a mani-pedi, or simply ordering a takeaway, plan something nice for the evening so that you can look forward to it throughout the day. It’ll really help the time to pass, and if you do have a bit of a rubbish first day back, at least you can talk it through with someone afterwards….even if it’s just the uber driver.


girl meeting bff for coffee after first day back at work
Got any great tips yourself for slaying that first day back? Sharing’s caring, so pop them down in the comment box below! And if the prospect of a new outfit got you thinking, then head on over to our New In section now, for the latest pinafore mini dresses, roll neck tops and culotte jumpsuit styles.


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