So just how DO you take the perfect selfie?

So just how DO you take the perfect selfie?


‘How to take the perfect selfie’ is a question that’s plagued mankind since, well, sometime around 2005, but it’s an important one nevertheless – especially if you’re fashion and style instagrammer, hoping to post a pic the perfect pic of yourself in your latest floral print dress – which is why we’ve put together these 5 amazing tips to instantly up your selfie game!


Despite having caused more deaths than sharks this summer – FACT – the ‘selfie’ remains as popular as ever. To put that into cold hard numbers for you, at the time of press, there’s a staggering 223 million photos on Instagram hashtagged ‘selfie.’  So, how do you stand out from the rest…?


Tip 1. Tilt your head at an angle


This will highlight the contours of your face, or in other words, give you some killer selfie cheekbones, while also helping to enlarge your eyes for that adorable puppy dog look.


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Tip 2. Follow the light


Decent lighting is IM-PERA-TIVE when trying to take the perfect selfie. We literally can’t spell it out any clearer. It will not only even out your complexion, but will also add a lovely shine to your hair.


Natural light is always preferable, so if your flatmate has a beautiful bay window, while you’re left with that sorry excuse of a crack in the wall, it might be time to suggest a room swap…


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Tip 3. Use a handheld fan


The electric fan has probably made its way back up into the loft by now, or at least to the back of the cupboard, but fear not, as a hand fan can be just as effective.


Ensure the fan’s out of shot (obvs!), but close enough so that it provides a gentle breeze on your face as this will give your hair a lovely bit of movement exactly like a profesh photoshoot…sort of.


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Tip 4. The Rule of Thirds


Now this is getting technical, but if you really want to raise your selfie game, then, darling, that’s what it takes!

The ‘rule of thirds’ is an #oldskool photographer trick, but a good’un; simply position your eyes two-thirds up from the bottom on the shot, and then two-thirds to one side. For whatever reason, this has been proven to make a photograph more interesting to look at, and who are we to argue with science?


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Tip 5. Extend your neck forward


This will not only accentuate your jawline, but will also prevent that dreaded ‘double chin.’ It might feel a little odd, and if you’re anything like Kim Kardashian and take 300 shots/successful selfie, then you might have a sore neck afterwards, but as they say, fashion hurts!


girl taking seflie wearing bodycon dress


For even more selfie tips and tricks, check out our four favourite fashion instagrammers of the moment, who have quite simply perfected the art. And once you’re ready to pick up that phone, it goes without saying but some killer threads are only gonna’ make that selfie look even more perfect, so pop on over to our New In section – loaded with the latest crop tops, co-ords and bodycon dresses – for some instant instagram GLAM!


So now that you’ve got your selfie game down pat, tag us in a photo over on Instagram using #NCpose for a chance to get your style edit featured on our official page!


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