5 things we absolutely LOVE about autumn

5 things we absolutely LOVE about autumn


The holidays are over. Everyone’s either back to work or returning to school. And the weather’s about to take what can only be described as a nosedive. Let’s face it, autumn’s got it tough – not even the trees can keep their $#%@!* together – but look a little closer, and there are defo some positives to write home about. In fact, we’ve had a little think and come up with five things we absolutely LOVE about the season.


Autumn colour


As far as colour goes, September, October and November are among the prettiest months of the year…not to mention the most instagrammable. Flame reds, golden yellows and sunburnt ambers, there’s suddenly a feel-good warmth to the world, akin to those oil paintings you find on the walls of country cottages, where everyone’s pitching in with the annual harvest, sweat on their brow, a smile on their face. You know the ones.


Needless to say, this rich pallet of colour seeps into our wardrobes, and the office no longer looks like the sweepings of Spanish piñata. Black’s back on our backs, along with go-to greys, fail-safe browns and a most-welcome surge of staple beige. Excuse us while we throw another cosy knit on, and breathe a little sigh of relief.


red, yellow and orange colours of a city in autumn




Hands up if you’ve already started planning your Halloween costume. Let us guess; crop top, hot pants…red and blue pigtails? There might be a clear front-runner in terms of who to go as this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from practising our bubblegum-popping.
Aside from New Year’s Eve, Halloween’s just about the best night out of the year, and thanks to this season’s darker direction on the catwalks, we can expect to see among the most fashion-forward cats, witches and vampires to have ever graced the witching hour. Black lace skater dress? Act now…


girls dressed up for halloween in autumn


Those speciality drinks


Pumpkin-spiced latte with toffee whipped cream, a swirly squirt of caramel and a powdering of cinnamon. Autumn in a nutshell, or rather, a corrugated cup.

speciality pumpkin latte in autumn


Um…can I get a gingerbread man with that?


AW16 fashion


AW16 can only be described as a smorgasbord of style (we’ve been holding onto that one for a while). This year’s all about variety, and it’s safe to say the fash-pack hasn’t had it so good in a long time.


Want to dress like a seasoned explorer, having returned from your tour of the world in a myriad of exotic prints? Global traveller’s for you. Or perhaps you’ve grown attached to summer’s floral fiesta, in which case, you’ll be pleased to hear blossoms take on a bohemian vibe in order survive trans-season. As for something a little more evening, there’s the Victorian inspired ‘Dark Romance’ collection, boasting silk blouses, lace bodies and velvet bombers, and in complete contrast, the futurist metallic movement, with its space-age foils and high-shine polished surfaces. Spoilt for choice? You’re not alone.


 girl wearing aw16 global traveller dress in autumnAnimal Print Pleated Slip Dress – £28


girl wearing aw16 star patterned jumpsuit in autumnStar Patterned Culotte Jumpsuit – £28


girl wearing aw16 floral wide leg trousers in autumnFloral Wide Leg Trousers – coming soon


The weather


John Frieda must be laughing all the way to the bank as this summer’s been muggier than a Whittard’s tea shop. Yes, rain might be on the forecast for autumn, but at least you can stay dry under an umbrella. 48-hour antiperspirant or not, there’s no getting away from the sheet of sweat that comes complimentary with a ride on the tube in summer. We’ve had enough of it, and can hardly wait to button up our coats, throw a scarf round our necks, and inhale a lung-full of that crisp, cold autumn air.


girl walking through crisp autumn air


What do you love most about autumn? Let us know in the comment box below, and if the prospect of a new wardrobe for AW16, whether it’s a floral midi dress, a geo print kimono or a shimmering silver bodysuit, has you wishing summer would make like a tree already, then get on over to our New In section now!


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest and Tumblr


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