The 5 people you will DEFINITELY meet at LFW

The 5 people you will DEFINITELY meet at LFW


Rather like the capital itself, London Fashion Week draws a myriad of people from all around the world, and that’s part of its enduring charm. Indigenous tribal prints meet traditional Italian tailoring. Chic, camel-clad Parisians rub shoulders with super-cute, candy-coloured Harajuku girls. There’s the normcore Scandis, the East London hipsters, the diehard fashion fanatics…and, well, you get the idea. But among the various trend collectives are a few more colourful characters that pop up year-on-year without fail. Introducing the 5 people you will DEFINITELY meet at LFW this weekend…


The First-Timer


Jane’s read ALL the guides; from 7 ways to get noticed at London Fashion Week through to the 5 things every fashionista will be wearing at LFW this year. She’s tried on her outfit eleven times, perfected her pose in the mirror and has even memorised the faces of all the top bloggers, should she accidentally *takes selfie* bump into one. But having cram-revised every report on WGSN for the last three nights straight, come the day, Jane’s a shivering, trend-mumbling mess. It’s her GCSE maths exam all over again.


first timers at london fashion week


The Resident just-walking-through Londoner


Sarah’s got a meeting to get to…five minutes ago. Brewer Street’s the fastest way to get there, and she’s not about to divert her route for the sake of a few fashion junkies. Heel-toe, heel-toe, she picks up the pace, and charges straight through the flock…shoulders back, head held high, stone-cold indifference on her face. And then something amazing happens. She gets papped! Sarah slows to a halt, unpins her super-streamlined hair-do, and suddenly she’s striking poses like no one’s business. Meeting? What meeting…?


the resident londoner at london fashion week


The Attention-seekers


Tyler and Dwayne were up all night making their Transformer-esque Lego space masks. Yes, they wasted the first hour arguing over who would get to wear the black one, but having finally agreed that they swap masks halfway through the day, it was full steam ahead. And judging by the reaction, it was well worth the blood, sweat and…um…tears.

As the pair bask in the flash of cameras, fame-hungry Emma looks on in utter disbelief; next year, she’ll save the £1000 she spent on designer labels, and instead nip down to her local toy shop.


guys wearing robot masks at london fashion week


The Ironists


That’s ironists, not ironers. Ironers use irons, ironists don’t, until it comes to LFW…that is. Having wrapped the chord of a Bosche easy-glide around his neck, to match the scuba mask on his face, the ballet tutu around his middle and the novelty Homer Simpson slippers on his feet, John’s making what he thinks is a highly original, highly poignant comment on the fashion industry. Namely, that anyone can be papped as long as they wear an outlandish-enough outfit…and John’s right, though his shots won’t be making it into the same section as fash-blogger, Lucy, over there. Deep-down though, he loves the limelight just as much as the rest of us, and once the camera’s start flashing, he sort of wishes he wore something a little more…fashionable.


ironists at london fashion week


The Instagram Husbands


For the first few years, John rebelled against his role as wife, Pippa’s permanent photographer. He’d slip the odd thumb into shot, or “accidentally” forget to pack an SD card for the day. Now he just accepts it. Heck, he even agreed to attend photography lessons….but then again, he could hardly make a scene on Christmas day when he received the lovingly-wrapped course coupon. With glazed eyes and mechanical gestures, he snaps away. And under no circumstances is he allowed to talk to the other Instagram husbands there…or, as Pippa calls them; the enemy.


instagram husband at london fashion week


Met any wacky individuals yourself at London Fashion Week? Jot them down in the comment box below and we’ll be sure to look out for them! And if you are heading down to Brewer Street this weekend, make sure you check out LFW survival guide, sharing 7 top tips to help you stand out from the crowd!


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