5 Reasons why we Absolutely Love Summer

5 Reasons why we Absolutely Love Summer


If, like us, you’ve literally been waiting these last nine months (i.e. since 1st September 2015) for summer to come round agian, then get ready to breathe a sigh of relief…the wait is very nearly over. In fact, summer’s so close, we can practically taste it…though that might have something to do with this week’s Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks (FYI, it’s between 3-5pm every day until the 22nd May). But ice cold caffeinated beverages aside, here are five other reasons why we absolutely love three little months known as June, July and August…


Park Life


When it comes to parks, the term zero to hero comes to mind. In winter, they’re completely deserted, save for that jogger who maintains that summer bodies are made in winter (LIES!…or at least, that’s what we can we keep telling ourselves). Come summer, they’re a bustling hub of colour, which slowly turns from very green to very skin-coloured, as people continue to squeeze into every…single….last…patch….available.


girl wearing floral summer dressVintage Floral Dress – £22


Summer Holiday


You’ve been thinking about it ever since you stepped off the returning flight from your last holiday and remembered just how ‘grey’ England really is. From the clouds, to the concrete, to that #grannyhair trend, you’re longing for a little colour again!
Whether it’s a squad hol to Zante, or a couple’s retreat to Venice, that week away is like no other – a week of no rules; eating out every day; drinking out every night; not getting enough sleep in bed; catching up on sleep at the beach. Absolute bliss. And in fact, as well as putting together a Holiday Snapchat Guide, we’ve already done your vacay packing for you! Well…not quite, but we have picked out our favourite Nobody’s Child sun-ready styles, from palm print cami tops to cold shoulder playsuits, and put them in one convenient place for you to shop here. Thank us later…


girl wearing holiday jumpsuit and cami top


Al fresco dining


While it’s all well and good eating your lunch at your desk, it’s about 100 million times nicer eating it outside…assuming it’s not raining that is, otherwise it’s just about the most miserable thing imaginable.
But as well eating outside, summer food and drink is also so much more fun and interesting. Take a jug of pimms for instance; what other drink can you spill the entire contents of your fruit bowl into? Or ice creams; quite possibly the most instagrammable food ever (if we’re to ignore the total cliché that is avocado on toast). And then, of course, there’s the BBQ – we can almost taste that overcooked sausage and undercooked chicken already. Mmmmm!


summer ice cream


Vitamin D


If you’re anything like us, those white walkers from Game of Thrones look eerily familiar…and we’ve a suspicious feeling it’s our pre-makeup, pre-filter mugs that they remind us of. It’s a good thing then that winter ISN’T coming, meaning we can finally get some much needed vitamin D on our skin! And what with this season’s love for flesh-baring styles, be it a bardot top or a bodysuit, we don’t need to strip like some crazy sun worshiper during our lunch break to do so!


girl wearing tropical off the shoulder bardot topTropical Bardot Top – £14


Summer Wardrobe


Kiss goodbye to that winter coat. Say au revoir to those woolly hats. Throw a leaving party for your umbrella! Actually, scrap that last one…but you get the idea. With summer comes the promise of a new summer wardrobe, and that might very well be our favourite thing of all.
Whether it’s a pair of aztec print shorts for Glasto, a side split maxi dress for seafront cocktails or a lightweight bomber jacket for those nights when pretty much anything might happen, our ‘new in’ section has you covered…or uncovered as the case may be!


girls wearing summer shorts and stripy dress

What do you love most about summer? Let us know in the comments section below, and to make the absolute most out of your warmer weather wardrobe, have a little read of our ‘day to night’ style guide, showing you exactly how to take an outfit from beach to bar, or from lunch hour to happy hour, while on the go!


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