5 Reasons why we absolutely Love Spring

5 Reasons why we absolutely Love Spring


Winter outstayed its welcome. It’s as simple as that. It was like that unexpected guest who doesn’t get up to go after the customary cup of tea. Truth be told, things were starting to get awkward, so thank God it finally got the memo, and made way for a far more welcome visitor; Spring.

In a moment of pure, giddy, childlike excitement, we’ve decided to celebrate five of our absolute favourite things about March, April and June, so hang up that boyfriend coat, crack open that window, and get ready for the longer, warmer days ahead…


1) We get Evenings back!


It’s all well and good finishing work when it’s dark, and sort of feeling okay about going straight home to watch Netflix, but remember how lovely evening strolls were, when the sky would turn a gorgeous pinky hue as the sun sets, or how nice it was to simply sit in the garden having been cooped up in an office all day. Plus, we don’t know about you, but we’ve pretty much watched every single thing on Netflix anyway




2) Room in Coffee Shops


Now that it’s no longer minus 113 degrees outside, people can start using those tables outside coffee shops again. You know the ones. Those same tables that have looked cold, wet, lonely and rejected since around October time. And this means you no longer have to share a space with complete strangers and try to make agonising small talk, while they secretly judge you for ordering a vanilla frappé in the heart of winter. Rejoice!


girl in coffee shop wearing nobody's child black dungaree dressBlack Dungaree Dress – £18


3)  That New Spring Wardrobe


Anyone else bored with wrapping up like you’re the prize in a game of pass-the-parcel; T-shirt, jumper, scarf, jacket, hat….it’s a surprise people still recognise each other, as we bumble along the streets in layer-upon-layer of clothing. But as Mother Nature slowly turns up the thermostat, we can finally take a bit more pride in what we’re wearing.


girl wearing blue pleated midi skirt in springBlue Pleated Skirt – £30


We’re thinking calf-skimming pleated midi skirts, off-the-shoulder bardot tops, and floral patterned bomber jackets!


girl wearing floral print bomber jacket in springFloral Bomber Jacket – £25


4) The Return of Colour


Is it just us, or does Instagram look decidedly greyer during the winter months? People tend to wear darker shades of clothing, and have accepted that they have all the complexion of a block of stilton, while the sky is almost always perpetually grey, and the trees completely bare.


With Spring comes the promise of colourful morning smoothies (as you realise that the holiday you booked last year suddenly isn’t all that long away, and you need to get healthy…FAST), dazzlingly bright trainers that almost certainly won’t go with anything else in your wardrobe, and #ManiMonday posts that make a bag of skittles look dull, all of which are staple shots for these top fashion instagrammers.




5) Days Out


You can finally venture outside again; picnics in the park, trips to the coast (as we did the other week with Brighton-based fashion blogger, Betsy-Blue), impulsive weekends away… But the best thing about braving the great outdoors is the fact that you HAVE to buy a new outfit for each of these occasions. So whether it’s a polka-dot wrap skirt for that ridiculously romantic al-fresco lunch, or a gingham peplum cami top to allow a little sun onto those vitamin d-starved shoulders, now’s the time to shop…guilt free!


fashion blogger wearing nobodys child stripy bodysuit in springStripy Bodysuit – £14


So what are you waiting for? Turn off Netflix, pop on a pair of culottes, a crop top and a bomber jacket, get outside, and start instagramming all that colour!


All non-brand images sourced from Pinterest


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