5 Tips to get Instagram famous!

5 Tips to get Instagram famous!


We’ve all seen the meme; ‘being famous on Instagram is like being rich on monopoly.’ But just ask yourself, who exactly chooses to be poor on Monopoly? No one, that’s who! In it to win it, as they say. And what with Instagram turning the ripe old age of five the other week (on the same day we launched, no less!), we thought we’d share five amazing tips to help you get those precious precious followers up! 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion and style instagrammer, sharing a pic of your new floral print summer dress; run an Instagram feed dedicated to travel; or simply post stomach-rumbling pictures of cheese oozing burgers, multi coloured bagels and crema-perfected flat-whites; these Instagram tips are universally effective and guarantee ‘follower’ success.


Tip 1. Spread your Instagram photos out


As tempting as it is to use that hour stuck on the train to absolutely hammer out the images on Instagram, resist with all your might! Even if it’s only once in a while, when people have to scroll down four or five images in a row from the same account (no matter how amazing you look in your new black playsuit) that ‘unfollow’ button suddenly looks mighty friendly.


Instead, pace them out! You could even pick a few times each day to post regularly at. That way, your followers can learn when to expect your next pic. Lunchtime’s always popular, as people invariably check their phone, as is rush hour, when people are travelling home. But you could always buck the trend, and post at the less popular times….think about it, less popular also means less competition!


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Tip 2. Limit the hashtags


Instagram’s kind enough to let you use up to thirty hashtags, which is more than enough space to squeeze in every single version of #likeforlike #follow4follow and #doubletap you can think of, but hold your horses…


Instead, if you want to achieve any level of instagram fame, then we’d highly recommend you limit yourself to five relevant hashtags. Otherwise, and it pains us to be the one to break this to you, it all looks a little desperate, darling – needy even! And you run the risk of Instagram thinking you’re spam! Not cool.


instagram picture of girl in nobody's child floral maxi dressFloral Maxi Dress – £22


Tip 3. Quality over quantity


It’s a golden rule in life, and one that rings particularly true when it comes to Instagram. The better your picture, the more engagement it’s going to receive. Fact. As you’ve probably noticed, anyone with a mega Instagram following has amazing looking photos, and don’t be fooled into thinking those beauts were taken on an iPhone…

If you can, take your photos on a proper camera, such as a DSLR, and then email them to your phone. This particularly applies to those dedicating their feed to fashion, as invariably you’ll be standing further back to ensure you get your entire catwalk-worthy outfit in the shot. For some serious inspo, check our our four favourite fashion instragrammers, and take your crop top and pleated skirt style edits to the next level!


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Tip 4. Stick with the same Instagram filters


While #NoFilter is basically the Instagram equivalent of saying ‘yes, I really am this beautiful,’ it’s been proven that filtered photos actually perform better. In fact, the best performing filters are Mayfair, Rise, Valencia, Hefe and Nashville, so you may as well forget about all those others. However, consistency is key, so choose a filter and stick with it.


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Tip 5. Get engaging with other users


As they say, good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get it! The same applies to Instagram. Get liking and commenting on other people’s photos if you want to increase your followers. Not only might this mean the person who’s photo you’ve commented on, checks you out, but all their followers might, too. In fact, securing that top comment on a celeb’s post can be particularly powerful, but you gotta’ be quick!


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Discovered any great Instagram tips to up your followers yourself? Tag us in a pic of your favourite Nobody’s Child outfit using #NCpose, and we’ll judge for ourselves!


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