5 fashion bloggers you need to follow this instant!

5 fashion bloggers you need to follow this instant!


Fashion bloggers. Twenty years ago and they weren’t even a thing. Now days, they’ve all but taken over the world. In fact, give it another couple of years, and don’t be surprised to see Zoella or the like running for presidential candidacy (you heard it here first!). But with so many influencers to choose from, just how do you choose who to dedicate your lunchbreak to?


Unfortunately, fashion bloggers come and go. You may have followed the same one for three years, and during that time, learnt how they take their tea, discovered the fact that they don’t like the television volume on at an odd number, or found out that they only ever put their top on first before their trousers. And then – when you least expect it – that post goes up explaining why they’re no longer blogging. #firstworldproblems, right? Well, if that has happened to you recently, here are 5 other fashion bloggers you need to follow…THIS INSTANT.


Amoureuse De Mode


French for ‘love fashion’, Ruta from ‘Amoureuse De Mode’ has a look that can be summed up in one word; chic! Tres chic, if you’ll permit us a second.

Bringing together beautiful photography, polished styling and a tone of voice which makes you wish she was your bestie, you’ve got one readable fashion blog. And what with the fact she’s literally just moved to New York, when better to start following her journey?


best fashion blogger amoureuse de mode wearing nobody's child floral dressAmoureuse De Mode wearing Floral Midi Dress – £30


Romeo’s Fashion Fix


When Juliette from Romeo’s Fashion Fix, says ‘fashion fix’, she’s not only referring to your daily dose of style. She literally fixes fashion. Allow us to explain…

In one of her most recent ‘how-to’ guides, Juliette takes your average flatforms, and details – step-by-step (pun intended) – how to transform them into a pair of catwalk-worthy, bow-embellished beauties. If this sounds like a bit of you, get on over to her blog pronto.


best fashion blogger romeo's fashion fix wearing nobody's child bronze slip dressRomeo’s Fashion Fix wearing Metallic Slip Dress – £30


Dress Like A Mum


Sounds lame, right? Wrong. We’re not talking your usual fuddy-duddy mum-orak and brolly look, here. In fact, its stereotypes like those that Zoe set out to refute when she started her fashion blog, Dress Like A Mum.

Never taking herself too serious, Zoe proves that mums don’t lose their sense of style just cos they’ve had a kid or two. Jumpsuits, miniskirts or even, you guessed it, a pair of totally trending mom jeans, Dress Like A Mum’s all over it.


best fashion blogger dress like a mum wearing nobody's child tribal dress


Sophie Eggleton


While many bloggers write about fashion at a surface level – namely, what boots go with what dress, or which of this season’s metallic dresses are most dazzling – Sophie takes a very different, and profoundly personal approach to the whole affair.

Don’t get us wrong. She still shares style suggestions, talks about the latest catwalk trends, and discusses the various outfits she’s worn to uber cool events, but she does so through the eyes of someone who lives with several life-changing illnesses. A very relatable issue for many individuals, no doubt. Her recent piece on how she dressed for LFW following a serious IBS flare-up is particularly poignant.


best fashion blogger sophie eggleton wearing nobody's child bronze slip dressSophie Eggleton wearing Metallic Slip Dress – £30


Sophia Rosemary


From ditsy print pinafore dresses to over-washed 80’s band tees, from glam-rock silver boots to over-worn converse daps, Sophia Rosemary is that super cute, super cool girl-next-door. The one you always wished you knew that little bit better. Well, here’s your chance…

And FYI, you’d best like cats.


best fashion blogger sophia rosemary wearing nobody's child pinafore dressAmoureuse De Mode wearing Tie Shoulder Slip Dress – £18


Come across any great fashion bloggers yourself? Jot them down in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to check them out!


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