3 Ways You & Your BFF can Coordinate Outfits on a Night Out

3 Ways You & Your BFF can Coordinate Outfits on a Night Out


Planning a big night out with your wing girl? Whether you’re going for after work cocktails, bracing yourself for an all night dancing sesh, or dining out at the latest pop-up restaurant, take a leaf out of Gigi and Kendall’s book, and make an impact in coordinating outfits!


A matching get-up doesn’t necessarily have to mean Mario and Luigi, or even the Olsen Twins circa 1995. But assuming you’re going to be stood next to your BFF for the majority of the evening, it sort of makes sense that your outfits work together. Think about it, you wouldn’t wear a skirt that didn’t match your top! So, we’ve put our heads together and come up with the following three ways you and your bestie can double team it next time you hit the town!


kendall and gigi in matching bomber jacketsBFF Goals – Kendall and Gigi ALWAYS dress to to coordinate


1. Statement item


It’s probably going to look a little odd if you wear the exact same outfit, item for item, but matching the one statement piece can look really effective. Go for something like this season’s pleated skirt, and wear it in alternate colourways – i.e. one of you wears the peach, while the other wears the blue, or for a little monochrome impact, one wears the cream, and the other, the black.
Now use that as a foundation, and go your separate ways from there. The pleated skirt is a versatile enough piece that you could effectively style it completely differently. Crop top, bomber jacket and heels? Oversized jumper and a pair of boots? Both look equally amazing, but for even more wardrobe alternatives, check out our ‘three ways to wear it’ style guide!


girls wearing black and white pleated skirtsCream Pleated Skirt – £30, Black Pleated Skirt – £30


2. Complementary colours


If you and your BFF both dress head-to-foot in a certain shade or pattern, it’s going to look a little fancy dress, or worse yet, like twins whose parents still think it’s cute to dress up in matching outfits. Instead, try to coordinate a little more subtlety. Take our floral range, for example; one of you could wear the wide leg trousers, while the other wears the flute sleeve crop blouse. And from there, you simply finish your individual looks however you see fit, but sticking to a colour palette of black, pink and white to complement the blossom print.


girls wearing floral blouse wide leg trousersFloral Crop Blouse – £15, Floral Wide Leg Trousers – £20


2. Trendsetters


For a more relaxed pairing, simply select a trend you both like it, such as the current leisure luxe look, and piece your outfits together without straying from the category. Whether it’s a co-ord and bomber jacket pairing, or a bodysuit and skinny jeans combo, your outfits should naturally complement each other as they’ve been designed with an underlying style in mind.


girls wearing black co-ord and bodysuitCrop Top/Skirt Co-ord – £28, Black Bodysuit – £10


Not sure which bestie to pair your outfit with? Read our post sharing the 10 signs that prove she’s your BFF, and whoever comes to mind must be the one!



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