City Break? These 3 Holiday Outfits have you covered!

City Break? These 3 Holiday Outfits have you covered!


Take your average beach holiday, be it Cyprus, Miami, or the Caribbean, and your vacay outfit’s gonna’ look pretty much the same; bikini, shorts, sandals and a couple of crop tops, right? But when it comes to a city break, things suddenly get a little more complicated. There’s the weather to consider, not to mention the culture, the fashion and perhaps most importantly, your to-do list. So to save yourself a visit from the fashion police (or should we say, moda polizia), we’ve put together three completely different style edits for three popular city break locations…


City Break Outfit 1 – Paris


Whether you know it as the City of Love, the City of Art or the City of Light, one thing’s for sure – Paris is one chic mamma, and unless you’ve got the style savvy of Anna Wintour and the shoe collection of Carrie Bradshaw, you’d best listen up!


Chances are you’re going to Paris for its culture, whether that’s bohemian bars, opulent art galleries or sun-dappled boulevards. So you’ll need something ultra-femme and fashion forward. Introducing, our Black Floral Skater Dress. Not only beautifully elegant, but super flattering, and oh-so comfy! Plus, bonus points awarded for the Bardot neckline (she was French, don’t cha’ know?).


girl on city break in paris wearing nobody's child floral bardot dressFloral Bardot Skater Dress – £30


As for accessories, a super cute mini satchel is a must, as are a pair of killer stilettos (though might wanna’ pack some daps for the Metro), and let’s face it, no self-respecting Parisian fashionista would be seen dead without a pair of sunglasses. The bigger, the better!


City Break Outfit 2 – New York


When it comes to fashion, compared to Paris, New York is a totally different ball game (fist pump? …no? Moving on…). Less chic, more street, but just as happening as far as the fash-pack are concerned.


Whereas Paris is all about the continental breakfast, the pastel-shaded macarons, and the pot au chocolat, New York is literally fast food on steroids (not literally…but literally). Think foot-long chilidogs, pastrami and mozzarella sandwiches and sky-high stacks of maple-syrup oozing pancakes. Not only that, but it’s far faster paced than Paris (city that never sleeps, and all that!), and from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, we’re talking some serious steps, so a dainty dress and heels just ain’t gonna cut it.


girl on city break in new york wearing nobody's child bodysuit and bomber jacketDitsy Print Dungaree Shorts – £16


Instead, think trainers and work your way up from there. Our ditsy print dungaree shorts are a stylish way to keep your cool in the heat, plus we do a matching bomber which you can tie round waist (very NYC!). As for base layers, this basketball-inspired bodysuit provides an athleisure twist to the get-up, and is the perfect way to harden up the otherwise v. femme florals. And if you’re still in doubt, throw on a snapback.


City Break Outfit 3 – Rio de Janeiro


Easily the hottest city of the three (a quick look at the iPhone weather app and we’re talking a cool 32°….a quick look out the window at NC HQ, and we’re talking monsoon downpour), so if you’re jet-setting to Rio this year, then pale colours and floaty silhouettes are defo the order of the day!


Our Cream Peplum Dress is not only lovely and lightweight, but the thigh-skimming skirt will quickly become your BFF as you tackle the 2300ft hike up to Christ the Redeemer (aka that humungous statue of Jesus). And just a tip – if you are making the 2km climb, try to plan your trip an hour or so before sunset, as that way you get views of the city by day and by night! Talk about Instagoals…


girl on city break in Rio wearing nobody's child peplum dress and kimonoCream Peplum Dress – £22


Word to the wise though, as the sun sets and the temperature cools come the journey back down, you might want to throw something over the shoulders – a kimono perhaps? Not only do they roll up to practically nothing in the bag, but the Japanese-inspired design couldn’t be more on-trend right now.


Where’s your city break taking you this year? If we haven’t quite nailed your jet-set wardrobe with the style edits above, then there’s plenty more outfits to be found over on our holiday shop. We’re talking tie front blouses, palm print maxi dresses and Hawaii floral flippy skirts. And as for that all-important vacay Snapchat story, we’ve only gone and sorted that out, too, with our holiday snap guide the other week. 


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