Hair and Beauty Trends Forecast for 2016

Hair and Beauty Trends Forecast for 2016


Welcome back to the Nobody’s Child magazine! We hope you had an absolutely amazing Christmas and New Year – and received some gorgeous new clothes – but onwards and upwards as they say. It’s high time we started looking at 2016; specifically, what’s going to be the hottest hair and beauty trends for the twelve months ahead.


1. The Single Braid


Not only has the braid dominated Pinterest and Tumblr basically forever, not to mention been the go-to style for fashion and style instagrammers such as Zoella, but it was all over the SS16 catwalks, too (which means it’s now officially ‘in’). And unlike most hair trends, it’s incredibly practical and, when done correctly, makes you look both chic and professional at the same time. Plus, you don’t have to wait until Halloween in order to feel like Daenerys from Game of Thrones


Top Tip – if you want to create a messier, boho-styled braid (and one perfect for festival styling), plait it the previous evening and sleep on it all night. Come the next day, use texturing powder while lightly back-brushing it with a tooth brush for the ultimate hack hack.


girls with single braids and plaits


2. Au Natural


As championed by fashion designer, Alexander Wang, at his final show for Balenciaga last year, there’s an increasing movement towards the more natural beauty look. Couple this with Zendaya’s campaign against airbrushing last year and it’s time to go #nofilter.


Top Tip – use a BB cream instead of foundation, as this will still disguise imperfections, but look more natural as it blends better with your own skin pigment.


model with natural make up wearing nobody's child polka dot blouseTie Front Blouse – £15


3. Shaving the way


The jury’s still out whether this particular hair trend is thanks to supermodel, Kris Gottschalk, or Charlize Theron’s character, Furiosa, in last year’s post-apocolyptic blockbuster Mad Max, but fashionistas country-wide seem to be flocking to the barbers for the ol’ number one all over. All together now; ‘short hurrrrr, don’t…’


Top Tip – while it might seem like the perfect excuse to shave a little time off your shower routine, make sure you still shampoo and condition in order to prevent blocked pores and a dry flaky scalp.


models with shaven hair and buzz cuts


4. Brow Sprouts


Another nod towards a more natural and youthful look, brow sprouts (whereby you brush the beginning of your eyebrows up to create a bushy effect) will be all over 2016. It’s sort of like bed head, only with eyebrows instead.


Top Tip – using an eyebrow brush, begin by brushing upwards as opposed to in the direction of the brow to get that #boybrow look!


model with brow sprouts in nobody's child leopard print tank topAnimal Print Tank Top – £10


5. Getting lippy


Although the au naturel beauty trend seems to be gaining momentum as far as the rest of your face is concerned, when it comes to your lips, the bolder and brighter the better! Think strong pastel shades, like blue or yellow, while keeping the rest of your make-up relatively low key.


Top Tip – snapped your lipstick in half? Don’t worry! Fetch yourself a lighter, melt the two ends back together, and then pop it in the fridge for half an hour to set. Crisis averted.


models with bold and bright neon lips



Let us know over on twitter which hair and beauty trends you feel will be big in 2016, and why not check out our ‘new in‘ section so that you’ve got a wardrobe to match!


Non-brand images sourced from Pinterest.


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