The 10 things EVERY fashion blogger does

The 10 things EVERY fashion blogger does


Last week, fash-rag Vogue took a very uncalled-for swipe at fashion bloggers. The reason? Apparently they’re ‘heralding the death of style’ through their far-fetched attempts to get street-snapped. ‘Pah’, is our response to that. And so, to restore the balance of the world, we’ve instead decided to celebrate the fashion blogger for all their unique and damn-right lovable quirks.


Presenting the 10 things EVERY fashion blogger does…


1. Employs BF as their full-time photographer. On a zero pay, zero holiday, zero benefit contract. And no, they can’t refuse… or resign.



2. Flips out if a friend so much as smells their pumpkin spice latte before a photo’s been taken.



3. Carry’s a phone charger (and a spare phone charger) everywhere. Has a sixth sense for finding that one spare wall socket… anywhere.



4. Can only look at the world with Instagram eyes now… whether that’s tiled floors, white wash walls, or insta-worthy buildings.



5. Has a secret album on their phone containing other #fblogger photos that they desperately want to recreate. And by recreate, we mean outdo.



6. Can intuitively detect if their photo’s being taken, with the ability to shift into fash-blogger-position in under 0.37 seconds flat.



7. Gets angry if a restaurant’s lighting is bad. And violent if the food’s poorly arranged.



8. Can be reduced to tears if the photo they’d planned next for Instagram doesn’t work with ‘the feed’… *squeezes phone* *phone crumbles to dust* *squeezes dust*



9. Carries a bag of redundant accessories – including a shade of lipstick they’d never wear, a super cute notebook they’ll never write in, and this month’s edition of Elle, which they’ll almost certainly never read – just in case a #flatlay photo opportunity arises.



10. Checks their Instagram following first thing in the morning, last thing at night. And EVERY five minutes in-between.



Let us know in the comment section below how many fashion blogger quirks you’re guilty of! And if you’re a budding blogger yourself, then check out our 5 top tips for achieving Instagram fame!


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