10 Signs that PROVE she’s your BFF

10 Signs that PROVE she’s your BFF


#GirlCrush officially launched this week in spectacular neon fashion, as Gemma Styles took over our homepage. This is our way of celebrating all things ‘girlkind’, whether it’s that fashion instragrammer you sort of semi-fancy, that pair of shoes you’ve been window-lusting after for the last decade, or that best friend you love more than free wifi, happy hour and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream…COMBINED.


Talking off BFFs, we’ve come up with the following 10 definitive signs that prove once and for all, beyond all doubt, that she’s the one!


1) You only need to give each other that ‘look’ to know exactly what you’re both thinking!


2) No one else in the history of mankind would find jokes that make you cry with laughter even remotely funny.


3) Her wardrobe is basically your wardrobe and vice versa, even if it means letting her wear that new Bodycon Dress you really really wanted to wear yourself…


4) You’ve got that song that you just HAVE to dance to. It’s practically the law.


5) You couldn’t possibly go to the bathroom at a party without her, even if neither of you actually need it.


6) You’d give each other your very last hair band. And we mean, your VERY LAST hair band.


7) You upload selfies where you BOTH look good. Even if that meant deleting the one YOU looked amazing in!


8) You absolutely boil up with jealousy when she posts a photo of her coffee date with that ‘other’ friend.


9) You can always rely on them to like ALL your social posts. Even those boring family ones…


10) She’s the only one allowed to say it as it is. And definitely knows when to say it…as it’s not.


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