10 Fashion & Style Hacks you NEED to start using

10 Fashion & Style Hacks you NEED to start using


Hacks…how did we live without them? Whether it’s getting red wine out of the carpet or using a lemon to keep your bowl of fruit fresher for longer, there seems to be a ‘hack’ for pretty much anything and everything these days! A couple of weeks ago, we shared 10 amazing hair hacks, and today we’re doing the same for your wardrobe.  So check out the following style tips and tricks below, and get ready for fashion to hurt that little bit less.


Tip 1) Though fashionably late, the pleated midi skirt is finally back this season! It’s beautifully feminine, perfect for summer and looks great with just about everything…as highlighted in our 3 ways to wear it style guide. But when it comes to riding a bike, things can get tricky…


Luckily there’s a simple solution. Gather a handful of the material from the mid section of the skirt, and form a pouch with it, in which you need to place a weighty coin. Now secure the section with a hairband, let it drop down between your legs, and voila! You can finally look chic wearing a skirt on a bike, without it billowing in your face and revealing to the world your bikini line.


fashion blogger lafotka riding bike in nobody's child cream pleated skirtFashion blogger, Lafotka, wearing Cream Midi Dress – £30


Tip 2) Rub a little beeswax on your shoes to make them waterproof – similarly, if you have a water proofing trainer spray, apply a coat on your umbrella for an immediate rain-reflecting upgrade!


Tip 3) Once upon a time, people used irons to straighten their hair. True story. But now the tables have turned; if you suddenly notice a nasty crease along one of the frills of your Tropical Bardot Top, but have no time to battle the cupboard for the iron, simply whip the old hair straighteners out. Job done.


nobodys child tropical bardot topTropical Print Bardot Top- £14


Tip 4) It’s a vicious circle; your favourite ring is leaving your finger looking greener than the incredible hulk, but if you stop wearing it, then everyone is going to see your discoloured digit. Solution; simply paint the inside of the ring with a layer of clear nail varnish, and you’ll be green-finger-free in no time. Can we get a hallelujah!


Tip 5) Apply a thin layer of hairspray to your tights (whilst they’re on!) to prevent laddering, and to save yourself approximately £7389 a year otherwise wasted buying new pairs!




Tip 6) Remove deodorant marks from your top by rubbing the white patch with a pair of jeans (preferably not the pair you’re intending to wear!)


Tip 7) Say goodbye to blisters by breaking a new pair of shoes in with a hairdryer. Put your new shoes on while wearing a pair of chunky socks and give them a blast of hot air until they’re slightly more supple than usual. Now walk around while they cool and they’ll mould to the shape of your foot.




Tip 8) Find yourself buying a new piece of jewellery each week rather than face that dreaded necklace draw? Assuming you can bring yourself to de-tangle them all, this time round pass each chain through a separate straw and then connect the clasp. Now they’ll never be able to tangle up again!


Tip 9) Find out which clothes you actually wear in your wardrobe (head’s up; they’ll be the ones with a Nobody’s Chid label inside…). Start by facing all your hangers in one direction, and then, as you wear an item and hang it back up, face the hanger in the opposite direction and after a year it will be clear which items you wear, and which need to face the dreaded chop.


Tip 10) Is your new Heartbreak Motel Sweater looking a little fuzzy? It’s not our fault it’s relaxed fit and super soft jersey material means you never want to take it off, but for an immediate anti-bobble treatment, lightly rub a pumice stone or razor blade against the affected areas. Good as new.


nobody's child heartbreak motel sweaterGrey Oversized Sweat – £15


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Non-brand Images sourced from Pinterest


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