10 Amazing Hair Tips, Tricks and Hacks you didn’t know about…

10 Amazing Hair Tips, Tricks and Hacks you didn’t know about…


We’re sure you’ll agree, but a bad hair day can mean a lot more than simply bad hair on any particular day. It can knock your confidence before an interview, put you in a bad mood for a date, or simply drive you to such extreme irritation that you’re literally resisting the urge to grab those scissors and hack it all off (though as reported in our 2016 hair and beauty trend forecast, the buzz cut is in this year!).

So seeing as we’ve already got your SS16 wardrobe sorted, with our ‘3 ways to wear it’ pleated skirt and bomber jacket style guides,  we’re now setting our sights a little higher in the form of our top ten list of hair tips, tricks and hacks, to ensure you look your absolute best from the very top to the very bottom…


girl with beautiful hair in nobody's child black cami topHalter Neck Top – £10


Tip 1. Ever wondered what the cool button on your hairdryer does, other than slightly reducing the risk of it catching fire when you immediately shove it back in the drawer after use?


In actual fact, it’s used to set your hairstyle in place at the end of your drying sesh. Simply hold it down and work the slightly cooler air onto your perfectly coiffed ‘do’…and yes, it surprisingly works.


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Tip 2. Contrary to popular belief, your bobby pins should actually slide into your hair wavy side down. Yes, down, and no, we haven’t lost our minds. Try it the once, and you’ll be converted for life.


Tip 3. High ponytail won’t stay high for very long? Simple solution; stick a bobby pin down into it, so that the two prongs slide down either side of your hair band.


Tip 4. So now that your ponytail’s nice and high, how about we make it a little longer, too? Instead of tying your hair into one ponytail, tie it into two, with the second positioned lower down at the back of your head. Now simply let the hair from the higher ponytail fall down over the hair from the second, and hey presto.




Tip 5. It might sound odd, but try spraying hairspray onto your hand and then working it into the roots of your hair to create great body and lift. You’ll also look like an absolute pro.


Tip 6. Flyaway hairs are the work of the devil, and whether he wears Prada or not, they’ve got to be stopped. Luckily there’s a neat little trick to tame them. Simply spray some hairspray onto an old toothbrush and lightly brush them back into place.


Tip 7. For heat free curls, go to bed with slightly damp, braided hair, and then release your tresses in all their curly glory the following morning.




Tip 8. If you’re a dry shampoo lover, use it the night before as opposed to in the morning. This way, it will naturally absorb into your roots while you sleep, and won’t look so obvious.


Tip 9. Try brushing some eye shadow along your parting to make your scalp less visible. It also gives the illusion of wonderfully thick hair.


Tip 10. Want a fringe, but only for a day? Simply tie your hair into a high ponytail, fold it in half forward and tuck it back into the hairband so that the end of your hair is now covering your forehead – and just like that, you’ve got bangs! Disguise the illusion with a silk scarf and no one will ever be the wiser, until the next day that is, when your fringe has magically disappeared…


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Know any great hair hacks, tips and tricks yourself? Then let us know over on twitter using #NobodysChild, and now that your locks are looking absolutely on-point, why not check out our guide for taking the perfect selfie!


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