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The most sustainable clothes are those that last a lifetime. That’s why we design garments and prints that transcend trends and can be endlessly restyled. We're also here to help you take care of what you buy and make it last. Doubling the life of a garment from one year to two years reduces its emissions over the year by 24%, so let’s embrace longevity. 



Roughly a quarter of a garment’s environmental impact happens after it arrives in your home. Here’s how you can help mitigate… 

Wash less. Items not worn next to the skin usually do not need washing after just one wear.

Fill it to the max. Half loads of laundry use almost as much energy and detergent as the full thing. That’s like buying a bottle and only drinking a glass.

Wash cool. Care labels will tell you the highest temperature you can safely wash, but doing your laundry at 30° is kinder to the planet.   

Protect your synthetics.Materials like polyester release microfibres into waterways. Protect them by choosing an eco-friendly wash bag, such as a Guppyfriend Bag for every cycle.  

Line dry rather than tumble.Line drying your clothes helps keep them in good shape for longer, reduces the need for ironing, and saves on energy. 



Repair. Learn basic mending tricks for keeping your wardrobe fresh. Find inspiration from Lily Fullop (@mindful_mending), the Clothes Doctor (@clothes.doctor) and Orsola de Castro (@orsoladecastro). 

Alter & update. You don’t need to be a DIY queen to update your pieces. Find your local tailor or check out Sojo (@Sojo_App) and The Seam (@the_seam_london).



Resell. When your clothes no longer work for you, give them a new home with Depop or Thrift+.