Digital Product Passport

We’re proud to present our first Digital Product Passport (DPP). This pilot initiative underscores our commitment to elevating transparency, championing sustainability and fostering a deeper connection with our conscious community. We have trialled this initiative on a number of our styles in our autumn/winter 2023 collection, including every design from our latest Nobody’s Child x Happy Place by Fearne Cotton collaboration. Inside each piece you’ll find a unique QR code on the care label. Simply scan it to open up a world of product detail, from fabric to factory. We also guide customers on how they can love their product for longer.

What's a Digital Product Passport?

A Digital Product Passport is more than just a digital platform. By scanning each product’s QR code, customers can unlock detailed insights, exclusive gifts and the ability to download a unique non-fungible token (NFT) by way of a digital receipt. This has been brought to life via a collaboration with Coinbase, bridging the gap between customers and the brand. This partnership allows us to connect to our customers using Web3 technology, who’ll be able to store the NFT within a Coinbase digital wallet. Follow the link to find out more about the Nobody’s Child Digital Product Passport NFT.

Our Digital Product Passport conforms with the latest GS1 standards including a tie-up to the GS1 digital link. The link within the Digital Product Passport makes GS1 codes, like GTINs (Global Trade Item Number), more powerful by connecting them to the web enabling a gateway to a wealth of information.

Our Digital Product Passport comprises of:

The finer details

This space on the Digital Product Passport is dedicated to additional insights and details, ensuring customers are in the know about everything from where and how it was made to the ways in which customers can care for it to minimise its future impact on the environment. 

What does this have to do with legislation?

The horizon of fashion is set to change with upcoming Digital Product Passport EU legislation in the works:

“Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) Sustainability information of product, performance standards, ban on destruction of unsold stock and mandating digital product passport (DPP).”

Follow the link to find out more from the European Commision (external site). 

By creating this pilot, we’re not just preparing for the future but shaping it. Our proactive approach ensures we’re not only compliant but also leading the way in offering consumers a transparent shopping journey.

What does the future look like?

This project was delivered in collaboration with Fabacus, a trailblazer in digital transformation. The synergy between Nobody’s Child and Fabacus is a testament to our shared vision of innovative and responsible fashion. This Digital Product Passport isn’t just a platform, it’s the future of how consumers will engage with our brand. 

What are the next steps?

As a fashion business we’re on a mission towards greater circularity, giving back what we take away. As we evolve and improve, our pilot Digital Product Passport initiative will continue to be enriched. Features within this technology will be developed, allowing customers to return to the Digital Product Passport for different experiences, gifts and forms of digital communication. 

This is one of the biggest transparency projects the team at Nobody’s Child has ever worked on. From gathering extensive data points and forging deeper collaborations with suppliers to mapping out detailed carbon footprints, our team has found the process incredibly rewarding. As we look ahead, we’re reviewing how we can integrate Digital Product Passports across all designs we produce. It’s a big goal but we’re not afraid of hard work. Watch this space.