We know that when it comes to sustainability, Black Friday is a controversial topic. It’s a day that encourages overconsumption and buying products you don’t really need. In truth, Black Friday can never be truly sustainable, but we wanted to be transparent in our approach.

We always listen to our customers, and they have told us that they value our promotions. We’re also aware at this time of year, retailers continually increase their discounts. So, we’ve decided honesty is the best policy; we pledge that we will be transparent in our promotion plan over this period.


We’re giving you the time to make the right decision.

It’s no secret that people wait until the big day to shop in search of the best deal, but we don’t want our world to face the repercussions. To us, this is the most responsible way to provide value for our customers whilst also keeping the planet in mind.

We’ve come a long way on our sustainability journey, and protecting and preserving the planet is still our priority. By being clear with our sale message, we aim to keep clothes out of landfill and make sure every purchase has a purpose. 

We’re taking all the pressure out of panic buying by being open and honest about our offers during this promotional period. Through providing you with the offer and giving you a longer time to shop, we want to encourage you to make a considered purchase.

It’s also not just about what you buy, but what gets returned. We want to keep returns to a minimum to reduce the environmental impact. 


This year we’re also partnering with TreeSisters. They’re a charity with a big vision to accelerate tropical reforestation. With every order made from 18th - 29th November, we have pledged to plant 1 tree. This will help to restore ecosystems and livelihoods and protect against climate change. 


Think about it

We don’t like panic buying. Before adding it to your basket, ask yourself whether you’d wear it 30 times. If the answer is ‘no’, think again. Make a wish list and be selective. 

Be picky with your brands

Take the time to read the small print around your purchase and the backstory of the brand. Find out as much as you can about the fabric, supplier and packaging. A few minutes researching could drastically reduce your effect on the planet.

Place a single order

Minimise your delivery costs and environmental impact by lowering the frequency of your online orders.

To help reduce returns, try not to order more than one size. If you’re looking for more advice on the fit, read our size guide.

Bring your own bag

Heading to the shops? Take a bag to avoid single-use plastic waste.


Please note. For every order placed between 18th November and 29th November we will donate one tree to TreeSisters.