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Us, on a deeper level

Do you care about the world around you and the people you share it with?
Do you want your clothes to be sourced and made in a way that benefits people and minimises the impact on the environment? We do.

Make better decisions. Shop with a conscience. Show you care.

We’re giving people better lives, supporting economies and reducing textile waste.
Creating a style that looks good because it is good.

Discovering Nobody’s Child is step one, let’s do this together and change fashion one dress at a time.

Our Products

Our products

At Nobody’s Child we do things differently, leading where we can.

Our conscience drives our desire to be better and we’re honest about our green credentials.
We produce clothes that you’ll want to wear again and again - the aim of the game
is to avoid landfill, not add to it.

London is our home, where in-house designers create unique and individual prints and shapes synonymous with Nobody’s Child. We don’t believe in standard seasonal collections,
so instead we drop new lines regularly.

By producing small collections (warning: our stuff doesn’t hang around for long)
and refreshing our signature shapes in new fabrics and prints, we’re committed to making
only what we really believe in.

It’s a journey, buckle-up and come along for the ride.



Virtue looks great on you.

We’re serving up fashion fast, but don’t think for a second that makes our product disposable…


Waste not, want not.

Some call it upcycling, some call it deadstock, we call it reducing textile waste. Nobody’s Child’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions, which is why we re-purpose leftover fabric from past seasons to divert it from a lifetime in landfill.

We also donate any leftover materials to fashion colleges, to help and inspire a generation of designers, because why would we waste a good thing?

Our people

Teamwork makes the dream work.

We care about people as much as the environment, and so do the factories we work with. That’s why we don’t make clothes that compromise the people who make them.

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Do your bit

Air your dirty laundry.

Roughly ¼ of a garment’s environmental impact happens after it leaves the store. Change the way you wash your clothes and make the environment, your bills and even your clothes better.

Get lazy ladies, we’re giving you five reasons to back away from the washer/dryer.

Let’s wash the right way

The Movement

The movement


We believe that fashion should look good and make you feel good, which is why we give back to our customers.


We celebrate like-minded women with substance.
Share our values? Share your style.