About Us

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Fast Fashion With a Conscience


Tomorrow’s Fashion for You, Today’s Focus for Us

We spent years developing all the boring but necessary bits (fashion factories, basically), putting everything in place so that when we launched Nobody’s Child in 2015, we would always be in a position to bring you what you want: tomorrow’s fashion, when you want it: today.

We prioritise creativity and immediacy, affordability and accessibility – because we know you do, and we like your spirit.

Fast Fashion With a Conscience


Low on Costs, High on Values

We kind of hate waste, don’t you? So we work really hard not to create it unnecessarily, by controlling the entire production process – we dye our own fabrics, design and produce our own prints, and make our garments in our own factories.

We then weave that in – quite literally – to the cost of your clothes, without having to compromise on our standards, and we don’t expect our customers to either. We focus on price, and product that goes way beyond one-season wear.

Fast Fashion With a Conscience


Small Team, Big Vision

We own factories in the UK, Europe and Asia. Our knitting plant, dye house, print facility and distribution centre are all based in the UK. It’s just one of the ways we can respond quickly and effectively to you and our retail partners, ASOS and Topshop, who both took a shine to us (we love them too) within our first year.

We love creating. And take pride in getting it right. So our London studios are where we design all of our clothes and shoot the photographic imagery that’s on our site.

We have fun doing what we’re serious about, because we believe big ambitions – and yes, we definitely have them – can be achieved with big smiles.

Fast Fashion With a Conscience